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How do I avoid scam sites? And where can I buy authentic lifelike dolls? Sit tight and we’ll deliver the goods!

Buying a Sex doll

We’ll teach you how to avoid scams and make the most out of your doll. This guide was built to take you, a first time customer, from novice to expert in no time. Whether you are buying a custom doll or one from a specific brand, we’ll get you up to speed. From how to safely buy your sex doll safely and best practices for cleaning and maintenance.

What is a Sex doll?

A sex doll, is a lifelike full size doll that can be made from either TPE or silicone. Customers use them as sex toys as well as companions. As an FYI, sex dolls are also called love dolls, silicone sex dolls, TPE sex dolls, real dolls and silicone lovers.

How to avoid a scam?

Make sure your seller is verified! Each seller who is authentic will have doll certificates like these ones, click here. This tells you that this seller is only selling high quality sex dolls from these manufactures. This is probably the most important step in confirmation because so many sellers show you a photo and ship you something totally different. Basically a replica knock off.

Why the Warning?

Sadly the industry is crowded with counterfeits and low quality knock off versions of the real manufactured dolls. The main concern is that these low quality, non-approved materials may cause some serious harm to you. From skin rashes up to more violent reactions. A fake doll might look like a real doll, but will lack the quality and possibly won’t function as it should. It certainly won’t last like a verified official doll.

On a budget? Should you buy a cheap sex doll?

You see the sex doll sale of a lifetime for a cheap sex doll…..a seller is offering a $2k doll for only $500! What a deal, should you buy? ……this is one of the most likely scams. Go to our SCAM Alert page here and make sure you get educated. Cheap sex dolls are exactly that, cheap, inferior, and poorly made. Don’t buy a cheap sex doll, instead, we suggest you wait and save your money to buy an authentic sex doll. Take your time and save up for something special. Don’t be a sucker and buy the cheapest sex doll available. Wait and save or opt for a pay later plan with either Klarna or Paypal.

Using sex doll – What material is the doll made from?

There are two large schools when it comes to sex dolls. Each one has its pros and cons. Perhaps you should try both and decide for yourself. Silicone or TPE doll?

TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer. It is a cheaper material that is used because it feels softer to touch. They provide a larger array of flexibility -to a doll- than silicone. It conducts heat very well although too much heat can harm the material. Heat is a key factor for the lifelike aspect of the doll. It also stands out for being hypoallergenic, although it can be prone to stains very easily. One of the major downsides is that it is porous. This may allow certain residuals to stay caught inside the material, inducing mould growth among other potentially health harming conditions.

Silicone has been used in the cosmetic surgery industry for decades. It has a great deal of benefits, primarily from a health standpoint. It’s easier to clean and sterilize. It is much more resistant to stains compared to TPE. It is also hypoallergenic and not porous, thus preventing moulding formation. The features it provides are more realistic and lifelike. On the downside, -for some- it is more expensive than TPE. It also conducts heat, but resists it better. It is not as soft and wobbly when touched, thus it grows apart from the feeling of real human flesh.

(If you are going for a silicone doll, make sure you use talcum powder, otherwise you might have a “sticky” feeling when grabbing silicone.)

Where to buy sex doll?

Annie’s Dollhouse, as an authorized reseller, can provide you with a beautiful customer experience, assisting you from the very beginning of your creative process, up to delivering your perfectly crafted and customized doll to your door. Follow the steps we have outlined and don’t be afraid to contact us if you have any other questions or need guidance.

Almost ready to buy a sex doll….but hesitant?

Reach out to our attentive customer service team today! They can answer any and all questions you may have. Email

Wrapping it all up

Ok, by now you should have a much better understanding of what is a sex doll, how to buy a sex doll and where to get it from. With that, we’ll leave you with a few more tips to ensure a great buying experience. Expect these things from the company you buy a doll from:

  • Authorized Reseller Certificate displayed and verifiable.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Company with a track record and great reviews. (Check out our 3rd party reviews here)
  • Photos of the product sent to you PRIOR to shipping.
  • Customer service that goes above and beyond
  • Great Communication and Service

Don’t wait anymore. Start living your fantasy right away!

Annie’s Dollhouse has one of the best doll configuration offerings in the industry. Check out our one of a kind Design Custom Sex Doll section and build your dream doll today!

100% Real Dolls. 100% Real Customers. 100% Real Satisfaction.

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