How long does a Honeymoon last? The durability of your MINI SEX DOLL

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Bath Time: The proper way to clean your Doll

Your TPE wifey is a really fun yet expensive investment. It is important that you take care of her as you would normally do with a car, or with high-end electronics. To keep your doll as beautiful, soft and clean as the day you met her, follow the tips we have for you down below!

At this time, you should already know that a MINI SEX DOLL is a serious investment in which you should throw extra care into the maintenance and proper handle. Worried about how much time will your baby girl be married to you? We offer you some information about the durability!


The main material of your doll will most likely be either TPE or Silicone. Silicone dolls, with proper care, can last a lifetime. They are, however, very expensive. TPE is a cheaper alternative, but it doesn’t mean it is of far less quality. A doll made from TPE can last for years, as long as you take the proper care. Some users have reported that their dolls lasted an average of 6.5 years.


As we have mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, how long your beautiful doll is going to be with you, depends mostly of how you take care of her. You can learn more in the link below this article. In case you don’t know how to properly clean your doll after use, you can discover the correct way by clicking here.

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