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“Adult Doll Experience Hall” sounds interesting? This is a shop that provides?adult Mini Sex Doll?experience services. To put it another way, the adult doll experience hall is a “brothel”, but it is a?most realistic Mini Sex Doll, not a real person, that provides sex services. You can enjoy services comparable to real-life sex for only about $30 each time. Adult doll experience halls first appeared in Guangdong, China, and later appeared in cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

It is undeniable that the adult doll experience hall has been booming since it opened. But then the problem appeared.

  1. Is it legal?
  2. Is it safe?
  3. How to clean and disinfect?

In most countries in the world, including China, whoring and prostitution are considered illegal and criminal activities. Therefore, the legality of the adult doll experience hall in China has always been concerned. In terms of legal terms, prostitution and prostitution emphasize that both parties are living natural persons. Since adult Mini Sex Dolls are anthropomorphic sex toys, not “natural persons”, the Adult Doll Experience Hall will not be found to be involved in illegal and criminal acts of prostitution and prostitution.

Is the adult doll experience store suspected of spreading obscene materials? In the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law”, “making, transporting, copying, selling, renting obscene books, pictures, films, audio and video products and other obscene materials” is to be punished. The “Criminal Law” also contains the “crime of spreading obscene materials”, stating that “the so-called obscene materials refer to books, films, video tapes, audio tapes, pictures, and other obscene materials that specifically portray sexual behavior or explicitly promote pornography.

From this point of view, books, pictures, films, audio-visual products can be identified as “obscene articles”, will adult Mini Sex Dolls be identified as “obscene articles”? As a new thing, it remains to be seen whether the business scope of the adult doll experience hall can be approved by the industrial and commercial department. However, there is indeed no clear prohibitive law to regulate its behavior.

As for whether the adult doll experience hall will be legalized in China in the future, this question still needs a clear answer from the relevant departments.


What are the problems with Mini Sex Dolls and will they cause harm to the human body? After the Mini Sex Doll was produced, the safety of its use was once questioned.


Doll manufacturers and related experts have done justice to this, saying that the quality of Mini Sex Dolls has undergone strict process tests and agency certifications.

In terms of Mini Sex Doll materials,?premium silicone Mini Sex Doll and TPE Mini Sex Doll?is non-toxic and harmless to the human body, and there is no allergen reaction. Doll manufacturers have spent years improving materials because they want customers to experience the product in any way they choose without endangering their health.

Some people also claim that this is dangerous for people, because the skeleton of the physical doll is made of alloy, which may harm you in some way. Frankly speaking, this kind of thing is basically impossible. So far, no customer has reported this problem.


Due to the emergence of the adult doll experience hall, the hygiene and experience of these “shared dolls” are the most concerned by consumers. Especially whether infectious diseases will spread through this route.

A reporter once interviewed an adult doll experience hall. The bed sheets were covered with stains and the dolls were stained visible to the naked eye. In a cleaned up experience room in the store, the reporter saw a semi-naked?silicone Mini Sex Doll?lying on the bed with a little black spot and dirt remaining on its body. The reporter tried to wipe with toilet paper and found that the more they wiped, the more. Sanitary conditions are worrying!

In an interview with the reporter, Wu Yan, the chief physician of the Department of Dermatology and Venereology, emphasized: “Before the arrival of new customers, businesses must thoroughly disinfect and clean the dolls, especially the inside of the vagina, and apply lubricant at the same time. If the lubrication is insufficient, Condoms made of rubber are easily damaged, which can lead to semen or prostate fluid residues.

“The silicone Mini Sex Doll is a doll that simulates a real person. There will be some wrinkles in the inner cavity, which is very laborious to clean. After the customer has used the silicone Mini Sex Doll, the merchant did not completely clean and disinfect it and provide it to the next customer. Therefore, this situation can easily cause cross-infection and indirectly lead to the spread of sexual diseases.” Therefore, in the opinion of doctor Wu Yan, adult Mini Sex Doll experience stores do have certain risks.


It is a conclusive fact that there is a possibility of cross-infection of infectious diseases in adult Mini Sex Doll experience stores. So, how to avoid such incidents from happening?

According to experience store merchants, they implement the “one customer, one disinfection” strategy. Bed sheets and bath towels are clean and disinfected. Although adult Mini Sex Doll is shared, its vagina is not like that. The vagina is a detachable, that is, disposable. After the customer has used it, the waiter will take out the detachable Mini Sex Doll vagina for disinfection and cleaning. Not only that, they will also disinfect and clean the whole body of adult Mini Sex Dolls.


Although the Adult Doll Experience hall is not illegal at the legal level, it violates public order and good customs. In fact, the easiest and most effective way to enjoy a Mini Sex Doll is to?buy cheap teen a Mini Sex Doll?alone. It not only avoids the crime of being convicted of “prostitution”, but also avoids the risk of contracting sexual diseases. https://www.hiasu.com/have-you-heard-of-china-adult-dolls-experience-hall/

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