Abandoned Mini Mini Sex Doll Is Mistaken For Real Person

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The New Jersey police in the United States received a report that a naked female body was found in a nature reserve… Three hours later, the forensic doctor was dumbfounded to announce: This is an abandoned silicone Mini Sex Doll…

Impulse often appears in the name of love, but in fact, these are two different things. If you can’t make the sea dry, don’t touch the flowers and provoke the grass.

This advice is not only applicable to prodigal sons in love, but should also be remembered by lovers of Mini Sex Dolls.

Breaking up with people is nothing more than going to the other side of the road, but breaking up with a lifelike Mini Sex Doll will face the problem of how to place her.

Before the purchase, she was a goddess, the light of life, and the fire of desire.

In lingering with you in every possible way, she became haggard. When the passion faded, she became a tricky waste product.

No one is stupid enough to walk on the street carrying personal objects during the day, but it is obviously not a good way to abandon a life-size Mini Sex Doll in the middle of the night.

The New Jersey State Police found a naked female body in the Allenhurst Nature Reserve. This is definitely a big deal for the police in a small town with a population of no more than 700.

“The scene of the crime reminded me of an oriental horror story in which the evil forces can peel off like changing clothes.”

When they waited for three hours and waited for the forensic doctor in the next town, they were told by the forensic doctor that the so-called corpse was just a TPE Mini Sex Doll.

“The Oolong incident is inevitable. This Mini Sex Doll is completely in line with human anatomy. She has realistic skin and human characteristics.”

Hundreds of thousands of TPE & Silicone Mini Sex Dolls are sold every year around the world, and this number has increased by 25% between 2020 and 2021. More and more people who have been kept at home due to the epidemic have become new Mini Sex Doll lovers.

And how to properly handle the old love Mini Sex Dolls is becoming a problem for real Mini Sex Doll lovers around the world, and it has also virtually increased the police force of various countries.

Residents in Coleland, Ohio, were paralyzed by a “corpse” curled up in a plastic bag.

The town sheriff, Mark Danny, calmly pulled her out of the garbage bag and restored her appearance with grace and skill.

“This is the second time in three weeks that the police have been out of the police for Mini Sex Dolls.”

Every Mini Sex Doll abandoned by a partner will be publicized in the lost and found cabinet by the Coleland police.

Although the Mini Sex Doll will never be picked up, an anonymous person has erected a tombstone for her and called her Mandy.

As the saying goes, relying on the mountain to eat the mountain, relying on the sea to eat the sea.

In dealing with lifelike Mini Sex Dolls, the same is true for lovers.

This is most noticeable in Japan, where garbage classification is emphasized. If realistic Mini Sex Dolls are dealt with according to conventional garbage disposal methods, then the whole street will know that your chaos and end will be abandoned.

Therefore, in Japan, Mini Sex Doll lovers and police usually have to master the skills of going up and down the sea.

Not long ago, when Japanese Youtuber Natsuki Tanaka was filming in the coastal city of Hachinohe, he was frightened by the drowning in the sea.

“Originally, I was shooting fishing volg, and thought it would become a thriller adventure because of this, but it turned out to be just an inflatable Mini Sex Doll.”

Although relying on his rich experience, Tanaka quickly judged that it was not a human being floating in the water.

But in the crowd of enthusiastic local residents, police, firefighters, and emergency doctors rushed to the scene.

With the search and rescue, the full-body Mini Sex Doll has shrunk after losing its buoyancy on the water surface.

The onlookers dispersed in laughter, and the police cursed that this was illegal dumping of oversized trash.

Lovers of Mini Sex Dolls naively think that the sea can erase everything, just like some people flush all the garbage in their homes into the toilet.

Of course, they never thought that the realistic silicone material of the Mini Sex Doll they bought at a big price would make the police scared.

In 2008, the Shizuoka prefectural police received a call to the police, “I found something like a corpse in the forest.”

When the police arrived at the scene, they did see a human figure wrapped in a sleeping bag, with the body and limbs tied up with rope.

“This humanoid object is 170 cm tall and weighs only 30 kg. It is also very flexible to the touch.” The Nakamura police officer who investigated the case at the time cannot forget the paradoxical scene.

Due to the frequent occurrence of oolong incidents, now American Mini Sex Doll lovers prefer to hide their tired Mini Sex Dolls at home and avoid abandoning Mini Sex Dolls as much as possible.

But even so, it is still possible for the police to work in vain.

The Amsterdam police once received a call to the police. The caller claimed that a woman in the neighbor’s house next door stood by the window in the same posture for several hours.

When the police rushed to the scene and broke in, the only thing they could do was to move the inflatable Mini Sex Doll aside, so as not to cause more misunderstandings.

Therefore, in order to avoid wasting police force and social resources, please handle Mini Sex Dolls properly.

However, there are exceptions to everything. In Indonesia, there is a village that treats Mini Sex Dolls drifting from the sea as sacrificial gods. https://www.hiasu.com/abandoned-sex-doll-is-mistaken-for-real-person/

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