4 Fun Ways to Customize Your Next Mini Sex Doll

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Although there’s nothing quite like sex with another living, breathing person, there’s also nothing wrong with wanting a rich, full solo sex life, as well. A realistic Mini Sex Doll is one truly incredible way to elevate your self-service time to new levels, especially when it comes to exploring some of your pet fantasies.

Dolls give imaginative pleasure seekers a safe, judgment-free way to explore their sexuality. Not only is your doll always ready when you are, but she’s always up for exploring your illicit desires with you. Taking full advantage of how customizable Mini Sex Dolls are is a wonderful way to make the most of that. Here are some options to consider, whether you’re in the market for your first doll or looking to replace your twentieth.

1.       Choose your ideal body type.

Even if you’re a big appreciator of women, in general, the chances are pretty good that your ultimate dream girl has a specific body type you’re a total sucker for. So think of your next doll as a golden opportunity to finally take your dream girl to bed as often as you like. Whether you want her to be curvy and lush, willowy and slim, or something in between, you can have a doll custom-created according to your wishes.

That means all the little details will be just right, too. You can have your doll custom-built to have the exact skin color, breast size, butt type, and more that you desire. In other words, your doll can do something no human woman would be able to do – look just like your ideal dream woman down to the last feature.

2.      Have your doll modeled after a real woman.

Of course, you might well be the type who lusts after a particular woman who is out there walking around in the real world, as real and alive as anything. If that’s the case, you should know that there are many custom doll manufacturers out there who can work from a reference of your choosing. Just send a photo that depicts the subject in the best light, and your doll artist will do the rest.

This leaves room for a lot of possibility as far as bringing your favorite pet fantasies to stunning life. Have you always longed for a doll that looks exactly like an ex you can’t get over? How about a favorite porn star or a sexy celebrity you’ve been dreaming about? Here’s your chance to make it happen.

3.      Customize your doll’s hairstyle.

You have a couple of different options when it comes to your doll’s crowning glory. If you’re purchasing a new doll and planning on having her custom-built from the ground up, you may be able to order her with implanted hair. Implanted hair can be of any length, color, or style you like. It can also be real or synthetic, but it will be lovingly implanted into her head in a manner that closely resembles a woman’s natural hair. You can also have your doll fitted with a realistic and natural-looking wig in a style of your choosing.

Both options have their pros and cons to consider. In most cases, choosing implanted hair requires your doll to have a more rigid, less flexible head. If this is the case, you won’t be able to have oral sex with her, so keep that in mind when considering your option. On the other hand, Wigs can be just as realistic looking without compromising the full functionality of your doll. They’re also easy to clean and style, as this can be done independently of the rest of the doll. It’s easy to change up your doll’s look by swapping out one wig for another, as well.

4.      Consider a body warmer.

Realistic Mini Sex Dolls have the most incredible skin. It’s soft to the touch and deliciously pliable, just like the skin of a real woman. She even jiggles in all the right places – like the buttocks and breasts – thanks to the wonders of premium TPE silicone. There’s really only one detail missing – the inviting warmth of a real, live woman’s flesh and blood body. However, that’s easy enough to fix with a bit of planning and know-how.

In some cases, you can order your doll with a built-in body warmer feature if you do prefer the idea of her being self-warming. However, you can also buy standalone accessories like vaginal warmers and heating blankets that take just as much of the guesswork out of prepping your doll for action. And if you have none of these options at your disposal, a warm bath can be excellent for bringing your doll’s flesh to a pleasantly natural-feeling temperature.

The beauty of making a realistic Mini Sex Doll your intimate accessory of choice is the unique opportunity to bring your fantasies to stunning life. Take advantage of your customization options to get the absolute most out of the experience! https://www.hiasu.com/4-fun-ways-to-customize-your-next-sex-doll/

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