3 Positions to try with a MINI SEX DOLL

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It doesn’t matter if you use your MINI SEX DOLL simply as a masturbation toy, or as a simulation of a real sex experience. They are very realistic, so you can try a lot of sex positions just like you would with a real partner. Their internal components make it so easy to adjust, that you can have a real sexual experience. If you have your TPE Wifey at home, and don’t know exactly how to start, we offer you three simple positions to get the best experience possible.


When it comes to sex positions, everybody?instantly thinks in missionary or doggy style.?Those are fine, but we’d think that you’ve already thought of them. What we recommend is trying the rough and quick “Against the wall”. Just put your baby facing any wall or door in your house, and start thrusting.

We would also recommend using the?corner of the room?of your choice, as it’s the best place to try this position because of the wall support. It is also desirable that your doll has the?standing feet option.


Spooning is one of the most intimate positions of them all. It is also very comfortable, because both you and the doll are lying on the bed. If you have a heavy doll, this position is perfect for you.

For this to happen as smooth as possible, we?recommend throwing her arms bent in front of her, for extra support.?After that, get the legs bent at a 45? angle. Lift one of the legs up, and go inside of her in the hole of your choice.


This one is a spicier variant of the doggy style position. Simply lay your doll flat on her stomach on a bed, and get her legs open.?This position will help you to enter the deepest area of her vagina.

If you feel like you need extra support, put a small pillow underneath her belly, giving you more height and comfort.  https://www.hiasu.com/3-positions-to-try-with-a-love-doll/

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