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Engaged in such a place, damn sex dolls are shaped like a real person. The combination of mold preparation and 3D scanning creates soft human figures and facial lines. The feeling is that the silicone on the surface of a real sex doll looks like human skin and is as real as you can’t tell if you close your eyes.




Love dolls made by hand and refined manually. It seems to be extra careful to avoid individual differences. Users claim that they are married to Love Doll and feel connected. It is sensitive to differences between catalog images and actual products. However, due to the experience and intuition of the craftsman made more types of love doll. For example, the curing rate of silicon varies between summer and winter. The craftsman determines the state of hardness, creating a uniform feeling.

A real sex doll that makes you think it is expensive when you ask the price. However, if you know your commitment and craftsmanship, you may think the price is surprisingly reasonable. The production cycle of the order is 2-3 weeks. The busy season is after summer and winter bonuses. So if you are interested, this may be your chance.

OUDoll is a high-quality supplier specializing in making mini sex dolls.