With every man who thinks sex dolls can replace women, there will be one woman less who’ll be suffering in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions: What do feminists think about lifelike “sex dolls”?

What do men think about Dildos and vibrators?

As for people (men, women and others) who think actual, living human beings can be replaced by bots, they deserve to be with the bots, don’t you think?

So, feminist here. I think nothing of this. If it sails your boat, it does. Enjoy.

With every man who thinks bots can replace women, there will be one woman less who’ll be suffering in the world.

Feminist claim that sexual objectification reduces a woman to nothing more than a sexual vessel. Here is the problem with feminism, it claims that it’s about equality and fairness for all yet how feminism defines objectification applies to only women! I don’t know how many times I have been emasculated by women because of my height (5’9″), physique or an emotional reaction. Not only that but I have had numerous ultimatum proposals where I get the: “Why buy the cow when the milk is free?” arguments where the girl then says if I’m not going to be the provider then what good am I when she can go and find another man. In effect, I’m just replaceable and she is tired of giving away milk!

So here’s why men want sex dolls/robots: Its not about objectification or the need to be in power. Feminist claim to buy sex is barbaric but the sad fact is men are expected to pay for everything during a relationship. Not only that but if the woman has children that burden of helping out the female with those costs is inevitable if the relationship is to last.

So why do men want a doll/robot?

Because no matter how you slice it I’m paying for sex. If I don’t pay for the date, if I don’t seem to be a potential provider, if I don’t help out with expenses I don’t get sex. Women are selling themselves but claiming they’re not because its a matter of tradition and chivalry. Women are looking for generous men and therefore men that don’t want to pay up lack the virtue of being generous and therefore they will not have sex with them!

The dolls are a minimal expense where there are some decent sex dolls for under a $1000.00! (161cm fat european girl doll naked with vagina anal and oral sex 40KG) I did purchase such a doll and she is exactly as pictured at the url cited. But even the more expensive dolls that start at $6000 dollars are far less than what a divorce will cost and yes even causal dating will run more than $6000 a year. The life span of these dolls is several years so at the low end within a year, if you date on a weekly basis that’s two to three dates a week, that is just $835.00/156(dates/yr) = $5.35 a date!

In the end feminism, reeks of religious sentiment toward sex and anything dealing with any sexual gratification of a man is criticized. Feminism projects sex as something only men enjoy and women are just victims, not something mutually gratifying. feminist claim pornography as something only men consume but women are consumers of pornography as well.

Some may ask how can women or men compete with dolls/robots? The question is like asking how does the rickshaw pusher compete with a car, bus or taxi?

The answer is: he can’t.

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