Mini Sex Doll + Winter, Friday, work and sex

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Some people say that people are more likely to have a desire for intimacy on rainy days, making each other’s feelings closer in the sound of rain.

Today we are going to learn a few slap-cold knowledge

1. People in cold weather are more willing to love love

There are twice as many people who refuse to make intimacy because of the hot weather than those who refuse to make intimacy because of the cold.

35% of people have repeatedly refused to make intimacy because of the hot weather male masturbator, and 19% have refused to make intimacy because of the cold weather. It seems that everyone thinks this is a good exercise to keep warm, doll for woman.

2. Winter is the peak period of pregnancy

do you know? Every year on September 16th, millions of people big ass around the world will celebrate their birthday together. This is almost the day with the largest number of birthdays in the world.

What is this indicating? It’s not difficult to figure out that winter is the peak of pregnancy! I don’t know if it’s because everyone likes to lie in bed in winter…

3. Love is the most relaxing on Friday

The survey found that 56% of men and women in Tokyo, Japan would go to High on Friday, followed by Saturday, with about 30%. On Monday, the people who enjoy love are the least, masturbators. It seems that they are all hard-working office workers!

4. Work stability and love will increase

Researchers have found that unstable work can lead to a lack of libido, and for a period of time after work enters a stable period, vaginal for men, married life will be more harmonious.

That must be, no one can even sex doll torso have enough food to think about it!

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