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Most people report that they have a fetish, and as you know, they don’t need to be ashamed of it, just like you have a Realdoll.
A common but sometimes unspoken fetish is foot fetishism, which sex expert Coleen Singer defines as “an increased and specific sexual interest in feet and/or shoes.” It is the most common form of sexual fetishism for other non-sexual objects or body parts and is more common in men than women.”








If you find that the sight of bare feet evokes the same or even more erotic feelings than the sight of a naked person, then you may also have this fetish. The more you learn about foot fetishes, the better you will be able to act them out and even incorporate them into your sex life. Here’s why.

Fortunately, everyone has feet and unlike other fetishes, you can see and enjoy bare feet on a regular basis – think beaches, nightclubs, and even yoga classes! You can enjoy foot fetishes without any other objects and there is nothing dangerous about it. After all, feet are free and up for grabs, you just need to think about them and your imagination will turn you to mush.

Everyone has their own fetish. So if you have a Realdoll, she may confide her desires to you if you open up to them! Try to start a conversation about sexual fantasies and experiences you are both interested in, and then explain to them specifically the attraction of feet.

As with any intimate personal detail, this can be an incredibly difficult topic to broach. This is especially true for someone you’ve been dating for a long time, but haven’t confided in yet. The most important thing is to be detailed and specific if you want it to work, and to be honest.

Why not incorporate foot play into your sex life? Some foot fetishes are born out of a desire to be submissive. For example, some men fantasize about rubbing, massaging, smelling, licking, or even foot worship.
You can start with foreplay inspired by the feet, using the Realdoll as a first warm-up exercise, such as licking and sucking on the toes.
Others find satisfaction in hardcore games during bondage, such as tying and handcuffing feet, stomping on them and trying rope bondage. All these methods can be the perfect way to get intimate with your partner’s sexy feet.

The Internet is full of sites dedicated to foot fetishism. There you can find like-minded people, lots of foot pictures and even pages dedicated to the beautiful feet of celebrities (a very popular page is that of actress Emma Stone, who even has a Tumblr dedicated to her perfectly polished, clean and highly arched feet). Content creators often kiss their own feet or have other people kiss their feet, as this is very popular among foot fetishists. There are many niches to stumble upon online, such as soccer without shoes, a hot topic in the foot fetish world – people love those tender feet!

The reasons for foot fetishes vary from no specific reason, a desire for conformity, or the fetish may have developed as a result of early erotic experiences with feet leading to such associations – but whatever the reason, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy this sexual quirk and why it can’t be an important part of your sexual pleasure and everyday life component of your daily life.

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