Mini Sex Doll + Why people dislike wearing condom

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Everyone has found a problem when watching the film, how do these actors in the yellow film not wear a set? Are they really not afraid of tpe sex doll wet shoes when they often walk by the river? As a single dog I actually so worried about them……

In California, the stronghold of pornography in the United States, sex doll shop there is a proposal to force actors to wear condoms during filming. Unexpectedly, the majority of actors have come out against this proposal. Why?

Why don’t the actors wear condoms?

The answer is simple sex toys for men. The audience didn’t like it. People secretly open pornography at night, is to satisfy their own can not do, dare not do the idea, through pornography to release the naked primitive desire.
Took a set, not only wrapped on ding Ding sex doll robot documentary 2020, at the same time the original desire wrapped on a thick film, not good! How bad is it? One Company in the United States once made condoms for two years, resulting in a 30 percent drop in overall sales.

Do not take a set to be afraid of getting sick really?

It’s rare that you care so much about the health of actors and actresses. The porn industry is a very mature industry in both the US and Japan. They also have a system in place to ensure the health of their actors.

In the United States, any actor who wants to appear in a porn film must be tested for sexually transmitted diseases every two weeks. Before each shoot, all the actors sit down with the producers and present their health checks for the next 14 days.
Such strict procedures yield a pretty good answer: there has been no HIV transmission in more than 350,000 gay sex doll filming since 2004, and other sexually transmitted diseases are fairly rare.

It’s easy to see why actors are opposed to mandatory condoms. Once this rule is passed and the demand for no-sleeve films is not diminished, many people will have to go underground, where they will be at risk for more than just sexually transmitted diseases.

You are naive if you think the content of porn is real.

In Japanese porn, all the chips wear a condom, tpe sex doll but the condom is removed at the final launch stage. As for the injectivity you see, it’s all done through editing.
If there are some famous actresses with high prices sex doll for men, the film producers will save money by letting the male actors only simulate the action, without real sex, and then edit a thick layer of Mosaic.

How did it go? Did you get ripped off? So, the sexual sex doll robot documentary 2020 knowledge does not learn from the content in the yellow film, when making love all honest wear a set!

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