Why love dolls replace real women 2 reasons

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Make no mistake. This is a permanent thing, but if it is abused, your love doll skeleton can be damaged. In this case, repairs can be very expensive. We even had such a situation, so the damage is so bad that it is easier to replace the silicone doll completely. Here are some rules:Do not force real sex dolls to move unnaturally. If your love doll does not turn or bend in a certain direction, it is not the case at all. Please do not force things. If you put excessive strain or tension on the joint, it can cause irreparable damage.Move your doll carefully. You will be surprised that your love doll is really heavy. Well, that’s by design. Your sex doll looks and feels like a real person. This means that they have a human bone structure and are heavy enough to create a realistic experience.







If you need to move your doll, make sure you do so. Just be careful. A good rule is to move your doll like a real live person. You will not lift a person with elbows, necks or ankles. The same goes for your doll.Every now and then we encounter a person who tries to texture or change our love dolls. This is not a good idea. Yes, you may think there are screws and other parts under your doll’s skin, but it is best not to leave alone. Please note that we cannot guarantee dolls that have been repaired at home.Store your real dolls as expected.When your silicone doll is not in use, please take care of it. It should not be in a bent position between uses. This may cause warping. If you use it between inserts for a long time, you should adjust the position of your doll from time to time. This will prevent the structural wear.

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