Why do men always like to touch a woman’s breasts?

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The girl’s breasts in the opposite sex seems to be the most beautiful and attractive part of her body, why do boys always like to touch the girl’s breasts? Here is a brief analysis for you.


Boys like to touch girls’ breasts the main reason is that girls’ breasts feel good and warm, so it seems why not?

Boys like to touch girls’ breasts can also be analyzed from the human body structure, the curvature of the curved palm of the male hand and the arc of the girl’s breast projection is very consistent.

The medical research shows that the least watery part of the male body is the hands, while the most watery part of the female body is precisely the chest.

In addition, touching the breast can stimulate sexual desire, the breast is a very sensitive part of the female body, when the two affection to the thick of the boy will involuntarily touch the girl’s breast, the girl will also enjoy the process of being touched.

The woman with big breasts is more intelligent
Scholars at the University of Chicago found that women with larger breasts scored an average of 10 points higher than other women in IQ tests. Researchers say this is related to the content of sex hormones, which can determine the size of the breasts.
In addition, from the perspective of natural selection, men with higher IQs are more likely to choose women with larger breasts as partners to ensure that their offspring inherit the genetic advantage.

Finally, it’s especially mysterious because men don’t have it themselves
Due to chromosomal reasons, men are unable to have full breasts like women. Because they don’t have them themselves, this can easily make men feel mystified by women’s breasts.
Every adolescent boy has the desire to peek at women’s breasts, because the development of secondary sexual characteristics allows him to intuitively experience the differences between men and women, especially when they have only grown a throat knot and the girl next door has a prominent chest, in the daily observation and comparison, the difference is clear, with the difference, there is “I do not know what it is” Imagination, with imagination, desire will come along.

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