Why can men have sex with love doll

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This is a one-sided way to satisfy the fantasy. As a result, it is close to masturbation with objects that mimic the female body. The advantage for some people is that all the negative gender factors such as breakdown, difficult interpersonal relationships, misunderstandings, physical inadequacy … are avoided.














Sex is sometimes complicated. With love dolls or sex robots we are alone in front of objects that we manipulate, that do not respond or that are not programmed. This is very convenient for people who do not want to face reality.

What kinds of personal data do these people have? There are several configuration files. Although we carefully avoid stereotypes, we can assume that the people attracted to this approach are very introverted and will have a hard time building relationships with anyone. There are also some fantasy people who appreciate being able to use this type of object to do what they want … Nowadays, their use is very limited, it attracts many people and it is not tomorrow for the daily use of such objects. However, they can be used initially for curiosity or fashion effects.

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