Why are sex dolls so popular?

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A psychologist explained why some men are more interested in sex dolls than real women. She said, “First, men can do anything with dolls. Second, all intentions are cancelled out. This can be a factor for prostitutes.” Does this mean that men only want someone who doesn’t talk, isn’t excited, or has herself woman with her agenda? There may be a factor, but we think it’s not as dark as some people think. We believe that many people choose dolls as companions when they are heartbroken or lose their partners. They may admire female forms and be enthusiastic about photography or fashion. They may like role-playing or have many fetishes, but they do not always live with their partners.

As we have seen, dolls of love and companionship accompany almost all of our recorded history! We believe they are on the verge of mainstream acceptance. With the rise of robotics and automation technology, things are constantly improving and becoming more popular.

I think we are all human, whether we have blood or no blood, we want to crave the human form the most one way or another.

From the perspective of some sex doll manufacturers, they excitedly said, “I really think artificial intelligence and robotics will be tremendous for the sex doll industry. This is indeed the direction of the market. From me What I’ve seen are exciting things brewing and I can’t wait to share with our customers!”. “Personally, we can’t wait to see future developments, maybe super soft silicone just appeared!

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