Why are flat chested sex dolls so popular?

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flat breasted sex dolls are not a physical disadvantage.












Why would anyone prefer flat breasts?
flat chested sex dolls are usually slimmer, which can lead many men to protective instincts, as strange as that may sound. Many men prefer women to be protective.

Also, many men prefer younger women who are usually flat-chested, especially since many men’s first love can be flat-chested, which can profoundly affect his view of love later in life.

There is still a demand for flat-chested dolls
On a deeper level, pedophilia seems to be an inescapable problem, but it makes more sense to buy flat-chested dolls than to commit a crime. Although some media outlets have questioned its effectiveness, there is no doubt that the flat-chested doll continues to sell like hotcakes, but even more than guns and drugs, it seems to allow its owner to experience a happy peer away from violence.

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