Who invented sex dolls

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Who invented sex dolls?




Now, sex dolls have the face, body, and soft skin that you long for. They can be used to relieve stress and give pleasure to a man when he is lonely at home after work or when his sexual desire is not satisfied. If you want to play a game or watch a movie by yourself, they can be there for you. Isn’t that the perfect companionship?Some people may be deeply curious about how they developed. So, let’s go back in history to find out how they developed!


Where did they start?


The earliest record dates back to the 15th century, when Dutch and Spanish sailors, unable to satisfy their sexual desires during their long lives on ships,wanted something to solve their sexual needs. And they relieved their sexual desires with easy-to-hold cloth lumps or pillows with holes in them.They used them as masturbation holes by inserting banana peels or soft objects in the holes. From this, the cloth lumps became more and more like the shape of dolls. These dolls were thought to be dutch wives.


How did they develop?


  • The real sexdoll was born in the 19th or 20th century. There is a description of it in the French magazine “Les Detraquees de Paris” in 1904, which shows a picture of the exterior. In these cases, the human genitalia and certain parts were made of rubber or other plastic materials. Dr. P displayed his own handmade sex doll. Not only do his creations look like real people, but they can also be heated with air. However, the time it takes to make a sex doll is very long, more than three months. The price is also very high, probably over ten thousand dollars.


  • Some people believe that the world’s first inflatable doll was invented by Hitler. During World War I, the Germans were fighting for world domination in a country so far away from Germany that they could not satisfy their sexual desires. In addition to the stress of war, prostitutes in other countries let their sexual desires satisfiedto the fullest, but many soldiers infected venereal diseases due to the orgies. And many soldiers died. During World War II, Hitler planned to develop sex dolls in secret to prevent soldiers from infecting However, the high cost of the war forced him to end the project. Unfortunately, the models and blueprints of the sex dolls were preserved in the German Museum of Hygiene, but the Allied Forces destroyed the museum with bombs. Hitler’s sex doll project was halted.


  • In the 1960s or so, the Americans continued to develop the sex doll. The utility of it was such that soldiers in the Vietnam War were handed out some of the developments. In the 1990s, the material changed to silicon. In the 1990s,which made them feel softer and more human-like. Now, they are evolving to become more realistic.


  • The country that has been most instrumental in the development of real sexdolls is Japan, which secretly developed the Antarctica 1 sex doll  in 1956 to relieve the sexual desire and stress of Japan’s first expedition to Antarctica. But the Antarctica No. 1 material was not excellent, it was impossible to use with the addition of the extreme climate of the Antarctic freezing temperatures. But thanks to the media, people understood Antarctica No. 1. A private company developed and marketed the Vinyl Doll. The vinyl doll was life-sized, but very light and easy to hold. At the time, they were sold for about 5,000 yen. In 1977, Orient Industry, Japan’s most famous adult doll manufacturer, was founded. They developed a product called “Smile” to solve the sexual needs of soldiers disabled by the war. In 1999, Orient Industry developed a revolutionary product for the Japanese industry, the soft vinyl sex doll.The appearance became more and more realistic, and the experience was gradually optimized. Over the next two years, Orient began to sell silicone dolls. The realism, softness, and human skin-like feel of the silicone dolls made them a huge hit around the world.


What does the future hold?


Sex doll used to be mainly sex toys to simulate sex, but now they have become a family member and a real spiritual partner. Their skeletal structure allows them to move within a limited range, so they may evolve to be more like humans. The most advanced adult dolls now have AI capabilities, allowing for simple conversation and movement. Their eyes can move as smoothly as a real human’s, and their mouths can open and close when they speak. There are also sex robots that use touch-sensing technology, so that when you hug or pet them, they can sense your movements and moan. In the future, we may see the development of sex dolls that can move with their true consciousness.

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