Who Did Invent The Sex Dolls?

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Sex has always been the craziest pursuit of mankind. The emergence and popularity of sex dolls is a manifestation of the rapid development of the sexual revolution. Today, we will trace the history of sex dolls to help you learn more about sex dolls.

The History of Sex Dolls

16th Century – The first sex dolls were invented by Spanish sailors in the 16th century who have been isolated during long voyages. These female sex dolls were made out of sewn cloth and called “Dame De Voyage” in French, “Dama De Vinje” in Spanish. Later, the Dutch sold some of the dolls to the Japanese during the Rangaku period, and which is why sex dolls are still called “Dutch wives” today.

1918s – Austrian artist Oscar Kokoschka, while in Dresden, commissioned German puppet maker Hermine Moos to make a life-size doll of AlmaMahler. But the doll did please Kokoschka, who destroyed it at a party.
1930s – Hans Bellmer, a German surrealist artist known as the “father of modern sex dolls,” produced three more realistic dolls with increasingly sophisticated designs that pushed sex dolls into the future.
1939s – 1945s –  there were rumors that Nazi Germany made sex dolls for soldiers during World War II. However, this has not been confirmed by reliable sources and is now considered a hoax.
1980s – inflatable ones were available in most sex stores during this period. However, this inflatable material could only withstand a certain amount of weight, or could be reused before the seams deteriorated. As a result, it was better suited as a prank gift at frat parties than to actually withstand sex with a real person.
1996s –the late 1990s, sex dolls have taken a giant leap forward in realism and practicality. Artist Matt McMullen (MattMcMullen) began making realistic silicone female mannequins and created the first realistic sex dolls for those who needed them. The dolls were made of silicone material and had a positionable PVC skeleton with steel joints. He also founded Real Dolls, one of the world’s most popular sex doll companies.
2005 – the Japanese sex doll company began renting out high-quality silicone sex dolls, Dutch Wives. By the end of 2005, there were more than 40 Japanese Forest Dolls stores nationwide. Thanks to the Internet, it has become easier to buy sex dolls online from the United States and Japan, which has spurred the global growth of sex dolls.
2007 –  a Japanese company invented the “Sex Audio System” in which they added an mp3 player with a built-in pressure sensor to the chest of a sex doll. The dolls of this period had removable heads and could even be implanted with real pubic hair.
2009 –  the first male sex doll was made in Germany, named “Nax”, which costs $10,000 and has “automatic penis erection” and “artificial automatic ejaculation ” function
2010 – the first Chinese sex doll was produced and sold under the DS doll brand.
2014 –the first Chinese sex doll brand WM DOLLS used TPE material to make sex dolls. These dolls are not only cheaper than before, but also more realistic. More and more Chinese sex doll manufacturers are springing up, including YL, Dollhouse 168, 6YE Premium dolls, Irontech dolls, and Doll4ever.
Over the years, the growing demand for sex dolls has driven the development of sex doll manufacturing in China. Now you can customize your own sex dolls by choosing skin color, body type, breast type, etc. according to your preference. Stay tuned for more and more new information on sex dolls to be updated here!

Sex Doll History
The history of sex dolls dates back to ancient times, with some of the earliest known examples being found in the form of Greek and Roman artifacts depicting sexual scenes. However, it wasn’t until the 20th century that sex dolls became more widespread and easily accessible.

In the 1930s, the first sex dolls were made of rubber and were marketed as medical aids to help treat sexual dysfunction. These early models were often quite basic and did not closely resemble human anatomy. They were also quite expensive, and therefore were not widely available.

It wasn’t until the 1960s that sex dolls began to become more mainstream, with the introduction of more lifelike designs made of materials such as latex and silicone. These dolls were designed to closely resemble the human body, and were often used by artists and photographers for their realistic appearance.

In the 1970s and 1980s, sex dolls became more widely available to consumers, with a variety of manufacturers producing increasingly realistic designs. These dolls were often used for sexual purposes, but also gained popularity as collector’s items.

In the 21st century, sex dolls have continued to evolve with the introduction of more advanced materials and technologies, such as robotics and artificial intelligence. Today, there is a wide range of sex dolls available on the market, with varying levels of realism and functionality, and they remain a controversial topic in some circles.

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