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Big Boobs Anime Style Mini Sex Doll Whitley 140cm

Doll size
·Height:4tf 5 / 140cm
·Weight:61.7Lbs / 28kg
·Bust * Waist * Hip:31.4in*20.8in*N / 80cm*53cm*N
·Hand length:16.9in / 43cm
·Foot length:7.4in / 19cm
·Vagina Depth:7in / 18cm
·Anal depth:5.1in / 13cm
·Oral depth:5.4in / 13.8cm


Background Story:

Whitley is a Silicone sex doll with a height of 140cm.When they separated, Billy said, “Oh my God, that’s great.” “Yes,” she replied calmly, moving her hands up and down on his arms. She grabbed his left arm, pulled him onto the bed, and lay down. Billy had never appeared in front of a naked girl before, but he couldn’t imagine seeing a more beautiful scene than the one before him now. The nude of the sex doll lies in the middle of his bed. Her hands were holding her nipple, her legs rubbing back and forth on her body. She stroked her naked body with her fingers, rubbing her clitoris along her belly and her little clitoris.His fingers kept searching, his mouth kept kissing, and his tongue-his damn tongue-kept licking, kissing, flying around in her love tunnel. For the first time in her life, she experienced multiple orgasms, and when she saw Billy cast magic on her soft hills, she immediately ejaculated again. When he pursued his mouth to penetrate her pussy, he didn’t care. Billy stuffed his tongue as far as he could. He buried his face between the sex doll’s legs until his nose pressed hard against her clitoris, another feeling deeply awakened her.

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How to declare a Love Dolls?

Sex toys-Big Boobs Anime Style Mini Sex Doll Whitley 140cm 4ft 5-11

Who would buy such a thing? Some people may be curious about a love doll or just an unbiased, tireless companion. Others may have social difficulties or feel lonely because they live in remote areas without human companionship.

Sex toys-Big Boobs Anime Style Mini Sex Doll Whitley 140cm 4ft 5-09

On the other hand, activists against sex robots fear that users will neglect their human relationships in favor of their robotic models, or treat them the way humans treat the sex machines they own.

Sex toys-Big Boobs Anime Style Mini Sex Doll Whitley 140cm 4ft 5-10
In addition, TPE love dolls can bring people closer together. Couples can turn to sex robots to solve their problems with celibacy, or people with social problems can use sex robots to practice getting along with others.

Sex toys-Big Boobs Anime Style Mini Sex Doll Whitley 140cm 4ft 5-04

Kate Darling, an MIT researcher who specializes in robot ethics and interaction with human robots, explained in an email: “Because we are dealing with potentially lifelike RealDolls, our interactions with them can affect our behavior both positively and negatively. No one has had the opportunity to study them yet. We still don’t know what those effects might be because no one has had the opportunity to study them.

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People may fall in love with their robots, some may want to show off their partners in public to make them more human and intelligent, or they may tell their friends that they have a crush on a particular sex robot. Etiquette will evolve over time to deal with these situations, Carpenter said.


realistic sex dolls
And there is still concern that companies that make sex robots are collecting information without the user’s consent. Many people don’t want a company collecting data about their preferences for mail-order sex dolls while disclosing their Google searches, Carpenter said. Moreover, it would be very painful if that data were hacked and held for ransom.

As with drones and self-driving cars, the technology will likely hit the market before there is any legislation.

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