Which adult love doll is good for a physical adult?

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Which one is better to buy a firm sex doll? There are some in Japan and the United States that are really good and have a high level of simulation, but the price is there. Many people may choose love dolls made in Japan because they pursue the ultimate through Japanese craftsmanship. Therefore, the produced sex dolls are basically the highest level of simulation in real people.













At present, the domestic production strength is also constantly strengthened, and many adult products are exported abroad. Physical dolls are no exception. Many are exported abroad, so that German sex dolls can also be recognized internationally.

Which physical silicone doll is better? First, we need to analyze and compare several major brands. There are three teams here, one team made of silicone, two teams made of TPE and three teams made of dolls. This is because the materials are different and the prices are different, so they are compared separately.

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