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Where should I buy a sex doll from?


I think the reason everyone is browsing this page is because they want to buy a sex doll. Buying a sex doll is easy. It’s not difficult to find a sex doll you like, pay for it, and it’s about complete. But how to buy an inexpensive, elegant and cute doll, this would be the problem. Well, I’m going to talk about this problem!


  1. auction site Recommendation level ★★

After browsing those auction site, I came to the conclusion that I could buy a sex doll on an auction site. Unfortunately, however, the number of items is limited and there are very few to choose from. This probably has to do with the site’s regulations. Because sex dolls are very much adult products, and because they are in the shape of a woman, they have recently even become involved in human rights issues due to media agitation.Moreover, even if you can buy something, it is only a used item. In other words, it is something that has been used by someone else. They are inexpensive, but if you buy them, they might be full of scratches. If you buy something like this, it probably won’t be worth it.


  1. sexdoll authorized distributor recommendation level ★★★★


There are many sites on the Internet that call themselves sex Doll authorized distributors and engage in sales activities. You can find them by typing “sex doll” in Google and doing a little search. All of these sites, as distributors, do not have their own factories, they just get the dolls from their affiliated factories and mail them to the customers after receiving the customer’s order. The factories always sell the dolls to the distributors at a higher price because they can make more money. And because the distributors make money, they sell the dolls to the customers at even higher prices, so the price of the dolls on the distributor’s site cannot be lowered easily. So the price of dolls on the distributor’s site cannot be lowered easily. This is the demerit of an official distributor.

On the other hand, the benefits of an authorized agency are also obvious. The agency’s website and system are meticulously modified on a daily basis, with gorgeous pictures, making browsing the site a wonderful experience. In addition, as an authorized distributor, everything they sell is authentic from each manufacturer, so you can be assured of quality.


  1. Amazon Recommendation Level ★★★


Amazon has become the most widely used online shopping site in the world, and you can buy sex dolls there! However, in recent years, Amazon has imposed various restrictions on the sale of adult products such as sex dolls, making it very difficult to sell sex dolls. The number of dolls available at each store has plummeted, making it difficult to even show the products to the public, let alone offer customization services. Due to Amazon’s strong return policy, the quality of the products can be guaranteed, and the prices are low, but the fact is that there are so few to choose from that it is hard to find a doll that fits your taste. In other words, if you can find a doll on Amazon that fits your taste, it’s definitely a good deal, but if you can’t, it’s a shame that you can’t freely search for the product you like.


  1. direct sales store Recommendation level: ★★★★★


The large number of products and low prices are the most obvious advantages of a direct sales store.

As a direct manufacturer, you don’t have to go through a layer of distributors, and as soon as we receive the order, we produce the product in our own factory, so the price can be lowered to the lowest level.

For example, this product has the same product (height and face) as the above site, but it is about 24,000 yen cheaper. Furthermore, since it is a direct manufacturer’s store, you can guarantee the quality of the product in addition to the cheaper price since it is a matter of your company’s credibility. This is probably the best thing about manufacturer-direct stores.

Nowadays, MSEXDOLL, as a member of the manufacturer’s direct sales store, has over 200 different dolls for sale, plus related products such as clothes. There is a wide variety of products and many pictures, so customers can freely enjoy the product images and take their time to find the product of their choice.

Another advantage of direct sales stores is that they can dispose of their own discarded dolls free of charge, which we know other stores cannot do.




In the above, we have analyzed four ways to buy a sex doll.


They have their own merits and demerits.

(1) Auction sites are cheap, but they are mainly used, and there are not many of them.

(2) Authorized distributors have good quality and a large number of products, but they are very expensive.

(3) Amazon is cheaper, but has a limited number of products.

(4) Manufacturer-direct stores can guarantee the number of products and quality, and have the lowest prices.



That’s all for now. Thank you for reading.

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