When The Buyer Opens The Japanese Mini Sex Doll Box

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My daughter works in a Mini Sex Doll store known for her porn movies, I will visit her from time to time, and stay here for an hour, I see all her customers come to buy inflatable dolls, sex toys etc. and always Gifts to friends. This customer who buys sex toys such as masturbation has nothing to do with most dolls. We love our dolls and we take care of them like our companions, but I still don’t know that the people sleeping in their arms are flesh and can be covered with kisses.

I agree with Valentine’s disappointment. You have to be vigilant and know that the photos will greatly modify the dolls, and they are taken from angles that make them realistic, with excellent lighting, etc. When the buyer opens the Japanese Mini Sex Doll box, it’s obviously different. Sometimes he may be disappointed … that’s why you have to look at private photos (there are many photos), which makes the reality better.

On the other hand, I disagree with the idea that sex can damage dolls. By not being cruel and following the doll’s safety instructions, there is no reason to damage the doll. In particular, if, like me, we rework the inserts to make them welcome. Also, the piece is certainly part of the buyer’s “disappointment”, but there are solutions! I personally have both sex and romance dolls.

This is not necessarily the best case for you, and if you can do it! When Leah went to see Cher, I hope she doesn’t have to go back because of my fault. I designate that I only represent mine suffering. Suppose I sometimes forget that she is a doll and she is a real woman when you hurt her, and she will react instead of a male Mini Sex Doll. He is late, this duo … for a few weeks, I changed.

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