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“Dolls that come to life on Instagram” is a series of stories about customers and Sex Doll and their shared experiences.













First, I would like to thank the people behind www.【www.hiasu.com】.de and their Instagram page Official Website www.【www.hiasu.com】.de for giving me the opportunity to have a direct presence on their website and in the media. The design of their website, customer service and attention to detail are impressive and being asked to share my dolls and personal story with them was both gratifying and humbling for me.I was asked to share with you my personal life story and how I came to buy Sex Doll.

I think the best place to start is why I got the name. As a redheaded man, I had a hard time having lasting relationships as long as I was chasing them. Of course, I have other weaknesses and insecurities that I’m sure played a role as well. But at least from my experience, I truly believe that redheaded men have a hard time attracting women to do meaningful things. They are not as exotic and attractive to women as redheads are to men. That’s a huge difference, and I’ve only scratched the surface. In my personal experience, bright red hair, pale skin, freckles, and all the other physical features that come with women are a little too unusual and unattractive to the eye of the beholder.

Nevertheless, I have had some relationships that were tailored to my current thoughts and beliefs. But you should get to know them too, especially those special relationships, and most of the women involved were very attractive and completely unsuitable for me. Call me shallow or narrow-minded, but a woman’s beauty is of utmost importance to me, and I will overlook many of a woman’s bad qualities just to be with her. I think most men feel the same way to some degree, but are too polite to say so. After all, a beautiful woman is a monument to a man’s true success or power. The same goes for driving a very nice car, owning a big house or other expensive things and preferences. Let’s face it, if you park a battering ram next to a trailer, you shouldn’t have a below average wife. That’s life.

Anyway, not only am I attracted to these women, but the attention they draw to me when I go out in public with them fascinates me. My ego swells when other people stare at us. I notice everyone around me rolling their eyes; their jaws drop as we walk by, their faces filled with envy of me. I listened to every comment the other women whispered to each other, wondering what the women I was with really saw in me. Honestly, the attention intoxicated me and became a natural orgasm that no other person could ever match. I love the sense of pride that comes with it. I delight in the jealousy they spread before me, proving that I am different.

Of course, I have had little luck in maintaining such relationships. I am not a prize in any sense of the word, so such relationships are rare and infrequent for me. But boy, did I love those silicone sex dolls when I had them.

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