What’s The Maintenance About Mini Sex Doll?

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When the body skin becomes sticky, please also use bath powder or powder to make it dry and smooth.




























Siting and standing and other poses before shipping, long time standing are not allowed. Non-standing is not allowed to stand,180 degrees standing pose is not allowed, raise the doll up with your hand. If the non-standing type needs to stand, the metal will cut the leg, after using please resume as soon as possible to the suitable position.

Due to the stain ability of the raw material, dark clothes do not allow for the doll. Dyeing cream only can handle slight staining, large area dyeing is hard to remove.

Using the water faucet to flush the vagina is not allowed, large area cleaning face is forbidden. Swab and cleansing oil can clean facial blemishes. Knives and other sharp objects can’t contact the skin, in case of the piercing.

Do not burn on the fire, keep away from the fire source and avoid sunlight. The material is flammable. Do not use 84 disinfectant, alcohol and other strong irritant liquids for disinfection and cleaning.
People need to do material, talc powder, cosmetics and other tests before using this product. People who are allergic to this material are forbidden to buy it. It is recommended to test a piece of raw material with the manufacturer before purchase to confirm that it will not be allergic to this product before purchase.
It is forbidden to store it upright. If the eyes look different in size, you can adjust the eyes by hand (push to make the eyes look smaller, pull to make the eyes look larger). For wigs made by yourself, please try to choose white intranet when purchasing.

Restorative Procedure:
If it is opened accidentally, please clean the surface of the wound and blow it dry, then dip a small amount of glue with a toothpick, preferably just cover the wound, because the glue has a slight corrosive effect on the material, and it is easy to get worse if it is used too much at one time. If it is corroded or damaged seriously, please contact the manufacturer for repair. (please contact the manufacturer for maintenance teaching video before maintenance.)

What’s The Clean About Mini Sex Doll?

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