What’s the feeling of luteum rupture?

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Some people have ruptured corpus luteum after sex, followed by severe abdominal pain and abdominal bleeding. This sounds too horrible, who made the sex doll today we will talk about a ruptured corpus luteum is how to return a charge……

What is corpus luteum?

Corpus luteum is a hormone in the body, the corpus luteum can secrete progesterone, progesterone tpe sex doll can protect pregnancy, every month in the ovary will develop a follicle, the egg in the follicle after discharge, the remaining granular cells will form corpus luteum in the ovary.

After each ovulation, there is luteal appearance of the ovary. After pregnancy, the luteal development increases plush sex doll. The hormone secreted by the uterus thickens the mucosa, inhibits the contraction of the uterus, and promotes the secretion of the breast.

If a girl is trying to get pregnant, it is recommended to pay attention to the changes in the corpus luteum, because these changes full body sex doll can affect the success of pregnancy.

What does the reason of corpus luteum rupture have?

Automatic rupture:
Failure of function during luteinization may result in bleeding of capillaries in the corpus luteum. When there is too much bleeding in the corpus luteum, robot sex doll the pressure in the corpus luteum is too large, which will lead to spontaneous rupture of the corpus luteum.

External force action:
Such as the lower abdomen by the impact, violent jumping, running and forced cough, blow up sex doll abdominal pressure in the sudden increase can cause the mature luteum rupture.

If the man’s sexual action is rude, resulting in a strong collision in the lower abdomen of women, coupled with the expansion of the female reproductive organs and congestion, the tension in the corpus luteum itself is higher, robot sex doll it is more likely to lead to rupture of the corpus luteum. Survey data shows that nearly 70 percent of luteal rupture is related to sex and pa.

What symptom does corpus luteum rupture have?

The main symptom is sudden abdominal pain, the degree of pain is different, sometimes accompanied by different degrees of anal drop distension. After the rupture of the corpus luteum, internal bleeding will occur, but there are generally no symptoms of vaginal bleeding asian sex doll. Less bleeding can be shown as a slight lower abdominal pain, should pay more attention to rest, let the capillaries self closure hemostasis. People who bleed a lot may experience symptoms such as restlessness, nausea, vomiting, sweating, etc. People who bleed a lot may even experience hemorrhagic shock. For these patients with severe symptoms, laparoscopic exploration or abdominal exploration should be performed immediately to remove the corpus luteum and stop the bleeding.

Therefore, female friends do not ignore stomach pain after sex, if necessary, please seek medical treatment in time, timely diagnosis, timely treatment, so as not to cause serious consequences.

Here are three tips to reduce the risk of sex doll factory luteal rupture:

Women should stick to proper physical exercise and protect themselves later in the menstrual cycle, such as avoiding weight bearing or strenuous physical activity.

If you suffer from cough or habitual constipation and other diseases that easily lead to increased abdominal pressure, AI sex doll you should treat them in time to prevent them in advance;

In the woman’s menstruation about a week before the same room, the man’s action please try to be gentle, so as not to induce luteal rupture bleeding.

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