What’s it Really Like Having Sex with a Doll?

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When someone’s brand new to the world of realistic Mini Sex Dolls, they typically have many questions. Some people want to know the practical logistics of caring for their doll, while others are curious to know exactly what experiences are possible with the doll they’ve chosen. But there’s one question pretty much every new or potential doll owner has.

What’s it really like having sex with a doll? Will it be as satisfying as sex with a human partner or potentially even more so? Is it something that feels awkward or natural? How might having sex with a doll change a person or their attitude toward sex? Here’s a look at everything you’ve always wanted to know about what it’s like to make love to a Mini Sex Doll.

What does it feel like to touch your doll?

One of the things new doll owners are most surprised by is how soft and realistic the skin can feel. It doesn’t feel like plastic or any other unnatural substance. Her skin is soft, supple, and pliable in a similar way to a real woman’s. Her breasts and buttocks are soft and squeezable, too.

And since there’s such a wide variety of options out there, you’ll be able to equip your doll with attributes of any size or firmness before you put your money down. She can have any body type that turns you on, too, so a Mini Sex Doll is about as close as it gets to taking your absolute flawless dream girl to bed.

What about kissing your doll?

If you’re concerned that it will feel weird to kiss a doll, you’re not alone. If you’ve never done it before, it’s hard to picture it, but you can rest easy in the knowledge that it’s a pleasant experience. Your doll’s face is soft and pleasing to the touch, just like the rest of her skin.

There’s also much attention paid to the details of a realistic Mini Sex Doll’s mouth. She has teeth, a tongue, and everything else you’d expect a fully formed mouth to have, including a deep throat that can be penetrated. You can kiss your doll as naturally and sensually as you wish. You can use your tongue. You can even have satisfying oral sex with her to your heart’s content.

How do other types of penetrative sex feel?

Naturally, a doll’s lower openings will be the main attraction for most doll-curious pleasure seekers. That said, you’ll be thrilled to know a lot of time, attention, and research goes into sculpting a doll’s vaginal and anal openings. They’re not only anatomically correct, but based on real women, so it’s often surprising just how similar sex with a doll feels to sex with a living woman.

There’s also plenty you can do to enhance the experience of taking your doll to bed even further. Some dolls come with special vagina warmers, heating blankets, or both to better mimic a real woman’s warm, inviting feel. (You can also purchase these items separately.) And you should always use plenty of lube, both to maximize your experience and to protect the integrity of your doll’s inner workings.

How does having sex with a doll compare to the real thing?

Naturally, a doll isn’t going to be exactly like the real thing. She’s not going to respond to you, tell you what she wants in bed, or moan the way a real woman might. But beyond that, she’s going to feel remarkably similar, especially if you invested in an ultra-realistic model that comes with no detail left unexplored. In fact, some doll owners swear they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference blindfolded.

realistic Mini Sex Doll is the ultimate opportunity to explore your wildest fantasies in a safe, no-pressure environment. Your doll comes with all the same exquisite parts and features a real woman brings to the table. But she’ll never tell you she’s not in the mood or judge you for anything that turns you on. She’s always happy to wear your favorite intimate wear for you, and she likes whatever you like just as much as you like it. And if you’re not in the mood for a while? Your doll will understand and wait patiently for that to change.

Many people find their dolls provide comfort and pleasure outside of the bedroom, as well. Cuddling up next to your doll or sleeping next to her can feel very inviting, as can sitting near here while you watch television or go about your daily activities. Your doll may not be able to have a conversation with you, but she’s capable of providing quality companionship anyway, which you’ll find out on your own.

All in all, realistic Mini Sex Dolls can make incredible ways to upgrade and enhance your solo sex life, so don’t be afraid to pull the trigger on a purchase if you think they might be for you. You’re sure to be glad you did.  https://www.hiasu.com/whats-it-really-like-having-sex-with-a-doll/

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