Mini Sex Doll + What’s flatus vaginalis?

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I don’t know if you have heard of “flatus vaginalis”?
It means that a woman’s vagina makes a “poop” sound real size sexual dolls, and the most embarrassing thing is that it always happens between the beds.
So Yin blew into a lot of girls in the heart of the time bomb, do not know when it suddenly “fried”, every time the pa have some fear. But this one full body silicone sexsual doll can’t do anything about it.

Shade blowing is not necessarily vaginal laxity

Vaginal relaxation is indeed prone to vaginal blowing, but doll for woman this does not mean that vaginal blowing is necessarily vaginal relaxation.

The reason why can happen “shade is blowing”, big ass because there is gas inside the vagina, these gas is in certain Angle or the word that the short time below the posture is quickly discharged, can give out sound because of producing vibration, also call “vaginal exhaust” medically.

This can happen to many young women, even those who haven’t had sex, so “blowing” doesn’t equal “flabby.”

There are other causes besides vaginal laxity:

For example, it doesn’t fit very well with adult silicone doll the male genitals. This can happen to men with smaller genitals, so men need to be self-aware and not overconfident sometimes.

Women with vaginitis, for example, produce a lot of gas called aerobacter vaginalis, sexy doll which vibrates and makes a sound.

For example, women with rectovaginal fistula, real erotic dolls to transform common in middle-aged and elderly women, is the gas in the intestinal tract through the fistula into the vagina and out, the gas will generally have a distinct taste.

There are some flatus vaginalis phenomenon, it is women in the pelvic floor after surgery, some are because of congenital deformity.

So there are a variety of reasons for this, and because women occasionally do it silicone sex dolls feet, they assume that the other person is someone with an indiscreetly private life or sexual experience, which is a very foolish and ignorant prejudice.

Below what circumstance just calculate vaginal flabby

First, see whether in daily life will often shade blowing
Vaginal relaxation means that even when there is no sexual stimulation, the front and back walls of the vagina are not tightly attached, vagina so it is easy to let in air. Once certain movements cause abdominal pressure to increase, vaginal blowing can occur.

Two, to see whether there is leakage of urine
A urine leak is when a few or more drops of urine are released by laughing, coughing, squatting, running, or other explosive movements.
In fact, the vagina is relaxed, and it’s not just the vagina that’s relaxed, it’s the pelvic floor muscles, vaginal for men and the pelvic floor muscles are holding the vagina, and they’re also holding the urethra.
After pelvic floor muscle relaxation, the urethra is also loose, and urethra resistance becomes smaller. So there’s a certain amount of pressure on the abdomen, and some of the urine comes out of the bladder. If urine leakage is left untreated, it may develop into urinary incontinence. If there is leakage of urine or vaginal blowing sex doll 100cm in daily life, then it means the vagina is loose.

If girls appear “flatus vaginalis” symptoms, do not be in a hurry to feel inferior and embarrassed. Because this is a situation that many women may encounter. What you need to do is to face it squarely, understand that it is not something to be ashamed of, and actively cooperate with your doctor to treat those who need treatment.
Finally, men should not be in such a hurry to show that they are stupid and ignorant. If you really love her, you should worry about her body first. If you really can’t accept her, don’t denigrate her before you know the truth. If you walk away, that’s the only way to be a real man.

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