Black Skin Giant Titsyoung Mini Sex Doll + What you should do before your new doll arrives

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Black Skin Giant Titsyoung Mini Sex Doll Ariyah 138cm

Doll size
·Height:4ft 5 / 138cm
·Weight:72.7Lbs / 33kg
·Upper bust * waist * hip:34.2in*25.5in*37.4in* / 87cm*65cm*95cm
·Hand length:20in / 51cm
·Shoulder width:14.5in / 37cm
·Thigh circumference:20in / 51cm
·Calf circumference:12.2in / 31cm
·Foot length:N / A


Mini sex doll is generally less than 100cm in size. The biggest advantage of small sex dolls is that it is easy to carry. Our tiny sex doll is very suitable for those who want to have sex dolls but want to carry and store miniature sex dolls more easily. The advantages of high sex dolls, pony little sex dolls also have. girl silicone breast mini love dolls for sale.

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What you should do before your new doll arrives

You must be very excited inside at this time after buying a new doll. “I’m finally going to have a new doll! This mood and the doll will not be the same as the imagination of the anxiety, two mixed feelings, I understand, I understand very well!
But this time whether excited or upset, the doll bought is bought, soon it will certainly come to your side. So before it arrives we should not do something for her? After all, she is our partner in the future, close to the existence of family.
In this blog, I will explain to you what you should do before the arrival of the doll, all my personal advice, if it can be of use to you then it is an honor.

Black sex doll-Black Skin Giant Titsyoung Mini Sex Doll Ariyah 138cm 4ft 5-07

1. Room environment
① First of all, you should do a big cleaning of the room to minimize dust and dirt!
The doll’s body is very soft, and the TPE material is easy to attach dust and dirt to the exterior. If you do not clean it well, it is likely that less than a week your doll will become a small gray man.
Blanket table is also the same, the blanket is very easy to hide dirt, the surface looks clean but is likely to conceal thread stains and so on. In case you ever put the doll on such a blanket, then pick it up again may not have been unpleasant.
Many people who have bought dolls feel healthier and healthier, I think the living environment is cleaner than before is one of the reasons.

Black sex doll-Black Skin Giant Titsyoung Mini Sex Doll Ariyah 138cm 4ft 5-06

② Wash the bed sheets and covers!
I think the bed will be an important place for you and the doll to get along with each other in the future frankly and relatively enhance their feelings. In that case, the sheets and covers must be cleaned. You do not want to be passionate about the duel until dawn, but accidentally see the doll stained and the excitement is greatly reduced.

③ Organize the room and leave enough space for unpacking (space for hiding and storage)
Because missse’s products are mainly mature dolls, we buy are probably large dolls, dolls are large packaging is also large, and the unpacking of dolls such private products are certainly to be carried out in the privacy of their own rooms, if the room is not large enough space will be very troublesome. So it is best to organize the room to organize enough space (need to package size data can always ask customer service yo). In addition, if people at home to see the doll standing outside is not good, so it is best to have a place like a closet to store the doll to avoid the trouble of being found, if not, you can also buy a special sofa box to store the doll.

Black sex doll-Black Skin Giant Titsyoung Mini Sex Doll Ariyah 138cm 4ft 5-08

2. props

① Lubricant
How can you enjoy intimacy with a doll without lubricant? The use of lubricant is not only to make access more smoothly and comfortably, but also to protect the doll.

After a bath or doll body oil should be shot on the powder to reduce the sense of oil, so as to look better and better.

③ olive oil
Clean dolls not only need bathing lotion these ordinary people bathing supplies, when it comes to difficult to remove the stain when the right amount of olive oil will have a miraculous effect.

④ wig dressing
Wig after a long time use will lose moisture, become frizzy dry and unattractive. And then in the dry season of winter, a little friction may produce a lot of static electricity, the doll directly into an exploding head. I think that then the beautiful doll will become ugly. Regular use of conditioning agent maintenance wig can keep the wig smooth and beautiful, but also can make your doll emit a charming fragrance.

⑤ Doll clothes (you can buy after the arrival if you are not sure about the size)
The doll will be completely naked when it arrives, although every day you can turn around and see the beautiful torso for men is a great benefit, let people happy. But in the end, it is still less interesting, and easy to get dirty, so it is best to purchase more clothes for the doll. Often change clothes to the doll can also deepen your feelings, yo. If you are not sure about the size of the clothes you are buying, you can wait until they arrive and then buy them slowly.

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That’s all, thanks for reading!

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