What women want to feel safe, women do not feel safe

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Girls say they are insecure, and this reason often becomes the reason for the breakup of two people! A sense of security, is a sixth sense that can not be seen and touched, so boys are often confused and do not know how to increase the sense of security of girls.

The origin of the sense of security
Every woman has the desire to be cared for, to be protected and cared for needs, no matter how strong and tough she is in the outside world, in fact, this issue and women naturally have maternal characteristics are one and the same, understand this it is not difficult to understand where women’s need for security comes from.

The appearance of security
The physical appearance of the body: simply put, a healthy and strong body, if you are as thin as a bone, and lethargic, then you are more difficult to give her a sense of security!

Spiritual appearance: a person with a sense of justice tends to win people’s respect. People who respect their parents must have a sense of responsibility, in fact, responsibility is also a very important part of security! When things are handled calmly and properly, it will also give people a sense of maturity, also part of the sense of security!

How to increase the sense of security of women

Sense of responsibility.
For their own handling of things can have a strong sense of responsibility, if she is angry, whether right or wrong, you bear the need for more.

Stable working life environment.
Women’s perception of home is much stronger than men, if you can’t give women a stable home of her own, eat the last meal without the next day, who do not feel safe.

A very strong sense of motivation.
Women must value your motivation, they do not necessarily want you to give them a superior life now, but definitely want you to let her see a hopeful future! For the future, go for it!

Careful and mature and stable.
In front of you feel like you can lean on your shoulder to take a break! In need of you when you can always appear by her side. When things can be calm and composed, rational treatment, rather than recklessly rushing up, have their own views on things.

Full trust and respect for her.
Her choice should be fully respected in terms of social activities.

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