What To Pay Attention To When Starting A Sex Doll Rental Business

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Recently, more and more business bosses are consulting us, and it is still the same thing. This thing is still quite popular on the Internet. So what is it? Recently, news of a sex doll experience center in Spain suddenly appeared in various media reports, and after the exposure of the short video platform, more people knew about the existence of the sex doll rental business, which caused a lot of discussions.




















There are some doubts that this sex doll rental business experience hall will not comply with hygiene and related regulations, and there are currently no legal provisions to supervise this matter. There are also many people who agree that it is actually a good thing and has positive significance if health supervision can be done well. After all, there are many single men now, and their physical needs are relatively strong. If the existence of these dolls can comfort them, in some respects, it may reduce the probability of social crimes.

But we think this turmoil is an opportunity for many entrepreneurs, especially those who have a certain amount of funds but are suffering from not having a good project, they can consider it. This is what many friends are now consulting with us. But many people are in contact with sex dolls for the first time, and it can even be said that they are in contact with the industry of adult products for the first time.

Just as sex education for children is not a scourge, neither are adult products. This is something engraved in the genes, just like eating and drinking, eating and drinking are for survival, and sex is for reproduction. It’s all biological behavior, and it would be wrong for us to treat it as taboo in the nature of animals. Because of this, the sex doll rental business is promising and has sufficient social recognition and acceptance. So, if we want to develop a sex doll rental business, what problems should we pay attention to and what red lines should we avoid?

First, the most important thing that must be done first, and also the red line, is to apply for a business license. Applying for a business license is the first step in opening a sex doll rental store. This part is very important. Whether the business license can be processed shows whether the local regulatory authorities can accept the existence of the sex doll rental business store, because there is no specific law that stipulates what sex dolls belong, and the regulations are also very vague, and the boundaries between sex dolls and H are too vague. This needs to be consulted and communicated with relevant local departments to prevent losses from future policy changes.

Second, will it involve a violation of relevant laws? For example, suspected of distributing pornographic materials. In fact, some of our customers have been doing experience stores for two or three years in obscurity. Judging from the responses of local regulatory authorities, there is no need to worry about this aspect. We have also consulted and discussed with lawyers in detail. Therefore, the first rule is to apply for a business license and inquire with the relevant local authorities.

Third, the sex doll rental store must be clean and hygienic to enhance the experience of customers entering the store. The biggest operational problem of the sex doll rental business store is how to maintain the hygiene of the store and sex dolls, which is also the focus of inspection by the relevant regulatory authorities. Moreover, most of the customers who come to experience will be more concerned about this issue. This hygiene and health are the first and foremost in the operation of the store.

Fourth, it is suggested that the location of the experience store should be hidden in some big cities. According to our existing experience store feedback, customers often give up entering the store experience because of embarrassment in places that are too conspicuous.

The above points are the conclusions that ESDOLL has come to after sorting out the facts. The appearance of the experience store has made more people aware of the existence of sex dolls and has also calmed many restless souls. We are now building a sex doll experience store with many partners, and we are also promoting the concept of health and harmony. If you are interested in the experience store, you can contact us.

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