What to do when a stain is on the surface of love doll?

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【www.hiasu.com】 tells you how to help sex dolls to solve this problem.
When using sex dolls, it sometimes happens that we accidentally stick stains on the sex dolls, or dust or dirt accumulates on the surface. So what happens when a sex doll has stains on its surface?
















Below, I will talk about how to clean them.
If it is a common stain, we can use a general cleaning agent, such as detergent.

Then, if it is a stubborn stain is more difficult to remove the case and how to do?

We can prepare for washing with detergent and prickly heat powder, with a small amount of water to wash clothes directly scrub, easier to remove. But it should be avoided to scratch the surface of the sex doll with fingernails. After the sex doll is clean, be sure to wait for the sex doll surface moisture air dry and then wipe the spiky heat powder evenly coated on the surface of the sex doll, so that the surface of the sex doll will be smooth as ever, feel good.

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