What to do the morning after sex with a silicone doll

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When you wake up after an eventful night, you have to make an important decision: should you stay or should they go? You really have to know what the other person is thinking and try to interpret the signs, which many people are afraid of.

You want the whole experience to be great, from the moment you look into each other’s eyes in a busy bar to the moment you part, but will you go for a second round, make a proud move or stay there all day watching movies?

Do you wake up in the embrace of the silicone doll and feel comfortable with it? Or do you start cuddling as soon as you wake up and even catch yourself kissing with your morning breath? If the signs are good, you can look forward to sex in the morning.

If this is not on the agenda, it should be obvious, for example, if they are cold to you or blatantly say that they are not an early riser, this is when silicone doll is the one who really knows you.

You may like the silicone doll, but you don’t want to rush into anything. A good idea would be to have breakfast together, drink some much needed caffeine, give them a kiss on the cheek and end the day hopefully leaving them wanting more.

If you don’t want to appear too eager, don’t stay past noon or you’ll exceed the time you’re welcome. It will also give the impression that you have a good life and important things to do.

Pretending to have an early work meeting and using an alias are just some of the ways Brits try to escape their partners the next morning.

A survey of 2,000 17- to 35-year-olds revealed the tricks people use to escape after sleeping with someone they don’t want to see again.

The techniques ranged from ordering a cab to walking to the bus stop to sucking up outside your own house.

43% of Brits surveyed said that a kiss on the cheek was a “good morning according to manners” and that offering a cup of tea was the height of politeness.

Remember, if it’s just a casual pickup line, there’s nothing wrong with skipping breakfast and small talk and going to brunch and gossiping about your friends instead.

You should both communicate your feelings and when in doubt, get out.

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