Mini Sex Doll + What things do boys want their girlfriends to know?

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1. Boys can take the initiative to give, but girls can’t take it for granted

Birthday surprises, holiday transfers and gifts, go out to eat, go out and play to cover all expenses. Aunt prepared brown sugar water and chicken soup for you real size sexual dolls. In the middle of the night, if you want to eat a late night snack, you can drive right away… all because of him Love you, so take the initiative to give. But you must not turn the enjoyment of being loved into a habit, and of course think that what your boyfriend does for himself should be done.

No matter how close the relationship is, you need to be grateful silicone sex doll.

He could have spent money on games he likes, but he chose to buy the big-name cosmetics you want: He could have party with friends, drink and play ball, but he chose to spend his time shopping with you and doing manicures. On the matter.

Love needs to come and go in order to flow normally. Don’t get it blindly, but don’t pay, and lose the person who is good to you.

2. Don’t say in front of men, “Men are not good things!”
If there is something about girls that makes men the most disgusting, then it must be seen that men cheating on domestic violence and hurting women, and they hate to make a conclusion: “Men are not good things!” full body silicone sexual doll.

It is true that some male compatriots should be reprimanded and sanctioned for their actions, but please do not overturn a boat with one shot sex kids girls.

One man cannot represent all men, don’t confuse it. This will make you very extreme and illogical.

And, when you say this, don’t forget that your boyfriend is also male. He didn’t do anything wrong, and he even cautiously confessed you as an ancestor, but now he has nothing to do with your “hostility” towards all the men, and is being scolded for no reason silicone sex dolls feet. Guess, will he be upset and chill?

3. You don’t want to be your boyfriend, and he doesn’t want to find a daughter #Doll

It’s like girls don’t want to be their boyfriends as mothers, and boys don’t want to treat their girlfriends as their daughters either! Isn’t that a pervert if you interact with your daughter intimately?
In love, everyone should be equal, okay? All be individuals, mature, independent, and normal adults.

Don’t mention too many excessive and unreasonable demands, don’t analyze the tolerance of others without a bottom line, vagina pussy real sizes, and don’t expect the other party to bear everything. You are only responsible for enjoying!

Of course, as a man, he has the obligation to take on more responsibilities, and he also has the responsibility to spoil a girl more and provide her with the warmth and love she wants. But this does not mean that you have to take care of the girl from head to toe and spoil her as a “life idiot. This is not to love her, but to harm her male masturbator. Because it does not treat her as an independent and sound person at all!”

4. It’s not that the more beautiful girls are, the more men like it

The good-looking appearance is indeed heartwarming and pleasant, sex kids girls, but it is not that the more beautiful girls are attracted to men.

Two people are more comfortable together. You can catch each other’s topics when you are alone, you can accompany each other when you are lonely, you can hug each other to keep warm after being frostbited by reality, and you can overcome difficulties together when your life is difficult… These things are more lasting than the attractiveness of appearance.

A good-looking appearance does add points to a girl, but men care more about whether she has a good personality, whether she can talk, whether the three views are basically the same, and whether she has a rich inner life.

Therefore, girls do not need to be too anxious about their appearance. If you love to dress up and you like to dress up, do it if it makes you happy, but don’t pay too much attention to appearance and fear that men will be attracted to other girls with better appearances. Like girls like to see handsome guys, men like to see beautiful women, but they also prefer to be with people who are comfortable with them.

5. You can directly say if you are dissatisfied, don’t let him guess

If you want to say what makes a man headache the most, the first in the row must be guessing why the girlfriend is angry #vaginal for men.

I did something wrong and did not respond to your needs in time. You are feeling upset. Can you tell me directly?

If I know where I’ve gone wrong, I will correct it, I will make up, and I will remember to teach the lesson the next time I don’t make any mistakes. But, just don’t say. Not only don’t you say, but you always let you guess and think about it yourself. If you can’t guess, you’ll be even more angry.

Please, I am not the tobacco worm in your stomach. How do I know every fleeting, ever-changing thought in your heart?
Life is already very busy and tired, can you not always play this “guess, I guess you are dissatisfied” solving game?

Isn’t it okay to be honest? If you know that straight guys don’t have a high affinity, let’s just give the answer:

If you are angry with him, you will openly express that the other party’s behavior made you uncomfortable just now: if you care, tell him clearly that this is a bottom line you can’t touch sex toys for men.

Otherwise, he always can’t guess, is it mad at yourself?

6. Men actually need a sense of security

If you love, please love deeply. Do not interact with other boys in order to prove your charm. Don’t say it’s a “male girlfriend”, don’t you know what a man thinks of a man?

Men can get jealous, get hurt, and feel insecure. It’s just that few men will take the initiative to admit.

Men who don’t have “sisters” and women who don’t have “male girlfriends” are all respects for the other half.

7. I hope you also have a career you love and play your value #ass

Although boys have no requirements for the career of their spouse, they do not want girls to pin all their lives on love and their spouse.

Life is very vast and love only occupies a small part. It is better for girls to have their own goals and ideals, find the career they love, and give play to their value, rather than being “emotional slaves.”

It doesn’t matter whether you can make money at work, or whether you can do well in your career. The most important thing is not to trap your life in the small world of love and family. Live more and more cramped and narrowed.

Of course, if you can shine in your own professional field. It will make people more unable to remove their eyes.

After all, who would not like someone who is good enough to shine?

8. Don’t indulge in poisonous chicken soup, find it hard to find in reality

Watch less poisonous chicken soup, and less repost high praise videos that deliberately cater to women’s psychology.

“A man who doesn’t buy these things for you means he doesn’t love you. Those who help you quarrel really love you, and those who love you are reluctant to let you sweep the floor.” These things, just look at the pastime, if you are brainwashed, it will be broken if you can’t find it in reality.

Don’t let the traffic business of unscrupulous bloggers kidnap your own three views and ruin your TPE sex doll normal life.

9. Contradictions can be communicated and resolved, don’t threaten to break up at will

It is inevitable that you will encounter conflicts in your relationship. If you have any problems, vagina pussy real sizes, sit down and communicate and resolve them through consultation.

Don’t threaten people with “break-up” weapons whenever you are angry or conflict.

If you want me to bow my head, you can use love, reason, and act coquettishly. Don’t use separation threats or suppression at all times. Although-twice, three or four times, I will give in, panic, and apologize to you, but if you say too much, real sex doll, I will feel that you don’t cherish this feeling enough.

Breaking up should be the result of careful consideration, not a means to threaten the other half.

10. Everyone is an ordinary person with shortcomings, please understand and be considerate of each other

Everyone is an ordinary person, dolls for adults getting a decent salary, raising a car for a house, ordinary work, and ordinary life.

If you are a person, there will be shortcomings, there will be times when you are emotionally incapable, and there will be times when you do wrong things. Therefore, please do not use the ruler of a perfect lover to measure the person who loves you.

It’s the first time to be a human being, and I’m all trying to be a good person. Please understand each other and be cool.

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