What should I do if my TPE doll is stained?

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Do not worry, cleaning TPE doll stains requires a lot of patience.




Discovering TPE doll and silicone sex dolls is never a fun experience. As we have explained many times, TPE doll must be handled and used with care. Beginners may have a hard time doing the right thing, but even experienced users can make mistakes. One of the most common mistakes is staining! This stain, usually caused by dyes on clothing, seems permanent, but fortunately it is not.

Step 1: Buy a bottle of stain removal cream for your TPE.

It is highly recommended to buy a stain remover for your TPE doll before the stain occurs. This is because it is faster and easier to clean the first time you stain it. Most TPE sex doll stores offer stain removal creams. Of course, it is always best to buy an officially certified product from a linear doll store to avoid problems.

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Step 2: Gently mix the TPE stain remover. You will also need a cotton swab to apply it better.
Friendly reminder. Dip the cotton swab in a little water and mix it with the TPE stain remover to form a paste.
Apply the stain remover to the stain on the skin of the TPE doll.
Wait patiently for 3 to 5 hours for the stain remover to react to the stain.
Wipe off any stain remover residue from the sex doll’s skin with a clean cloth.
Is the discolored skin of your beloved adult doll still dark after using TPE stain remover? If stains remain, simply repeat each of the above steps a few times.

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