What should I do if a sex doll gets dirty by accident?

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Many of the love dolls currently on sale are of high quality, focusing on the texture and appearance of real women. However, if you accidentally stain it, its appeal may be halved. Below I will explain in detail how to remove a stain once it is on.

Use a special stain remover
If your love doll gets stained, there is a special stain remover for TPEs. In addition to TPE, there are also silicon love dolls, but they are no problem to use here either. This stain remover is available on mail order sites that sell love dolls. When removing stains, also have a cotton swab at home. Place the swab in the stain remover container and soak it in the medication. Then apply this medication directly to the spot.

・Let it stay in place for a while
After applying the stain remover, let it stay in place for a while. This is to wait until the active ingredients have penetrated the material and broken down the dirt. The amount of time you wait depends on the condition of the dirt. If it’s light, about 10 seconds is fine, if it’s heavy, it’s best to wait about 1 minute just in case.

・Wipe off the dirt
If left unattended, wipe off any chemicals and dirt with a cotton swab. In this case, use a clean cotton swab instead of the one used before soaking in the solution. If the dirt is extensive, you may want to wipe it off with a clean cloth. If this hasn’t completely disappeared, repeat from the beginning. Doing this a few times should gradually clean it up.

It’s also important to keep it clean in everyday life
Rather than cleaning your love doll after it has been found, regular maintenance is also necessary to keep it as clean as new. For daily care, you can use the same items as our bath bombs, such as bath bombs. However, if you don’t want to put an extra burden on your skin, it is best to use medieval or naturally derived ingredients that are gentle on your skin. We recommend body washes that even babies can use.

・ Especially for cleaning around the vagina
As far as love dolls are concerned, the area around the vagina can easily become dirty even in the whole body. If the semen is left intact, it is likely to stain and discolour. Therefore, the vagina should be carefully cleaned each time it is used. If you plan to use it regularly, it is a good idea to buy a vaginal washer. It is easy to use by simply putting soapy water into it and pushing it into your vagina. Vaginal washers are reasonably priced so you can buy them easily.

Beware of discolouration
Colour transfer due to discolouration is the most common cause of stains on love dolls. One of the things you should pay particular attention to is colour transfer from clothing. One thing to pay particular attention to is stockings. If you leave the black ones as they are, stains can easily appear. If you really want to wear black stockings, bite down on something in the middle rather than straight away. If you wear skin-coloured underwear, you don’t have to worry about how it looks.

・Dark clothes are NG
When dressing, avoid using colours that are too dark. If you really want to wear it, it is recommended to wash it first and let it fade before wearing it. If the colour still fades after a few washes, it is recommended that you do not wear the garment. Also, use light colours such as white for underwear that comes into direct contact with your skin.

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