Mini Sex Doll + What should a guy do after kissing?

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This question is a very awkward real size sexual dolls existence for boys. A kiss can’t be too skilful, and it can’t just be lips on lips and fleeting.

To tell the truth, both men and women are very concerned about the feeling of the first kiss, if too presumptuous or too tight, erotic dolls in fact, for the life of both sexes is not a good thing.

But you can be very clear one point is: kiss to sex toys for men prove that the girl has recognized your identity, each other also naturally upgraded to the intimate relationship.

Kissing is the first step for a girl to let her guard down and open herself up to you. The girl at this time in the subconscious, has completely trust you, so you have to do is not betray her trust. There are a lot of boys are very easy to walk into such an emotional misunderstanding: think kissing is blowing their own can “run amok” horn, wish to eat the girl.

Is it appropriate to further develop more intimate behavior adults only toys with a girl after kissing?
My advice is: not suitable, to know how to stop, point to.

Frankly speaking, when a girl kisses you for the first time, even if she has accepted the identity of your boyfriend at the moment, and can accept kissing, caressing such behavior, but her heart will be somewhat accompanied by rejection and resistance.
Her resistance and rejection are not from you, but from an instinctive defense mechanism in the face of an unfamiliar behavior. In other words, real erotic dolls to transform most girls are reserved and shy, and suddenly faced with a strange and sudden behavior, there will be physiological discomfort.

So after kissing, guys want to have more intimate romantic behavior. It may be acceptable for a few girls, but for most girls, it will inspire strong resistance and rejection.

At this point, a girl may feel that “you don’t really like me, but you are fulfilling your desire.”
Instead of making a good impression on your first kiss, you’ll be defined as a guy who can’t control himself. In the future, sex toys no matter what kind of sexual behavior, girls will be ostracized and resistant to you.
At the same time, you need to spend a lot of time explaining to her, “I really like you, not lust for your body.” Whether you explain it or not is another matter.

So, what is the correct posture after the first kiss inflatable woman real sex?
Send her home in time, do not be reluctant to fight, return home to contact her.

A lot of guys look at this and ask, “How can anyone stop when the atmosphere is so hot?”
People are born with a limited degree of acceptance for a thing, when their “satisfaction desire” is fully satisfied, they will fully experience the things behind. For things that have not been fully experienced, the desire for satisfaction cannot be satisfied, and the subconscious mind will constantly strengthen the memory, which will become bitter and unforgettable.

This explains why people’s definitions of beauty are so fleeting. So the same goes for romantic behaviors like kissing. Excessive consumption of each other’s urges, silicone sex dolls feet and desires for sexual behavior can lead to a rapid cooling of both partners’ emotional needs.

That is, too long a kiss, or too much intimacy after it, can lead to boredom. In the next kiss, the other person is more likely to think, “It didn’t feel so good after all.” Over consumption of a girl’s inner sense of expectation, then it is likely that the next time a girl appears to be fully committed, she is actually working with you. Kiss on the lips, but the heart is what to eat for dinner.

Therefore, for the first kiss, we must master a good degree from the time and behavior, the first kiss in each other’s heart into a good memory. In this way, when they go home, they can make each other feel that “the first kiss with you was sweet.”
The second thing that is very important after kissing is to give the girl a sense of need and security.

Understand that girls will actually have a little fear after kissing. When girls kiss, it is actually a process of exposing themselves sextoys for men. The meaning of kissing for girls is not a simple desire to release, but a process of trusting themselves to boys.

Therefore, for the boys, do not take the kiss as a siege of the other party’s high tower, after the kiss began to become indifferent and perfunctory attitude to the girls. This negative attitude makes a girl think, sexdolls for men “You just want to hang out with her.” Love needs, will naturally have the nature of your love behavior of suspicion and distrust, each other’s love heat will quickly drop the temperature.


So here’s what you need to do: contact her when you get home and let her know that you don’t love her less, even more after you kiss her. Then she will feel comfortable with you to continue to get along.

One last thing, after kissing, give the girl a sense of anticipation for love. What is the expectation for love?
In short, it is to make girls think that kissing is just a small surprise in the depth of love, and there are more surprises to be discovered dolls for adults in the future with you. After returning home, arrange the next date schedule, which can maintain the girl’s sense of anticipation for love. This will greatly calm the girl’s unstable mind and make her feel that “after kissing you, you are serious and responsible”.


Kissing is not only a sexual act, but also a process of building feelings of trust and dependence. So as a boy, don’t always think about how to meet their own impulse, to take care of the girl’s inner needs, so that the girl will feel that “you are a sexy, but not forget the responsible boyfriend”.

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