What men and women should pay attention to when making love in bed

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Love is originally a matter of two people, through some things to express their love for each other, will make the two people more and more good feelings. So what do men and women need to pay attention to when they go to bed to make love? Below we use the term enjoining instead of making love.


More encouragement and praise: when two people in bed love, do not say nothing, which will make both people feel awkward. So you can encourage each other, praise each other to ease the embarrassment, and more encouragement more praise can also increase the feelings between the two people Oh.

Love words: before love, men should say some moving words to impress women, such as expressing your love and thoughts for her, or based on warm and thoughtful whispers.

Mutual appreciation and praise: in fact, couples should appreciate each other, whether it is love, or on a regular basis, and often praise each other, so that the two people will show their true feelings, and the two people will understand each other better.

Unconditional trust and intoxication: in the time of love, the heart must not be nonsense, you should know that since the person in front of you is your choice, you should give him a chance, you should trust him once, only then, the degree of love between the two people will be higher and higher.

Relaxation of body and mind: In the process of love, it is best to let yourself relax, do not think about it, not to mention their own little emotions, first put aside all the worries, enjoy this time his love for you.

Expression of mutual feelings: after the love, do not ignore each other, two people can talk together, if there is any dissatisfaction can also be said, so that the two people will be more in love, love each other will be more long.

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