What materials should be avoided in TPE doll clothes?

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1. Staining can be an issue with dark colors. More the dye used than type of fabric though. Tight clothes can leave indentations if left on too long and rough and textured fabrics can cause abrasions. I know the oils in TPE tend to destroy latex, but I’m not sure about polyurethane.

2. I’d avoid anything clothes or accessories(bracelets, necklaces, charms, etc.) made from silicone.

3. Real leather should also be avoided so if you got leather furniture. Put a towel or something for her to sit on. The fishnets could cut into her skin if they’re too tight. The indentions will happen if clothes are too tight but they should go away after a while as long as they didn’t cut into her skin. Left my lady in a lace nighty and in the morning I saw that the lace was imprinted on her back. I left her on her side for a few hours and it went back to normal. Try to have a buffer between materials you think will be harsh on her skin.

4. Stick to lighter colors white, pink, light blue you can dress her in dark colors but don’t leave her in them for long periods to avoid staining. And it’s recommended that you soak new light and dark clothes in hot water for 10 min you’ll see the water change color bc of the excess dye. Keep doing this until the water is clear it could take a few tries until the water is clear.

5. Avoid wool. It’s scratchy and will cause tiny abrasions on the TPE surface.









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