What Materials Feature in the Manufacture of Hot Fuck Dolls?

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Advances in polymer science led to the development of TPE silicon, a type of material that has the same feel as real human skin. Now you can touch your life size sex doll and get the same feeling as touching a real woman. The same materials also make sex with the dol feel almost lifelike, especially when they’re lubed and ready for action.

TPE silicone dolls also have realistic features, and if you see one at a distance, you might confuse the doll with a real human being. Realistic sex dolls also come with wigs, glass eyes, and mouths that can close. The old sex doll with a gaping mouth is no more, and when you get head from a realistic TPE sex doll, it feels like a real woman wrapping her mouth around your manhood.

TPE is sensitive material, and it’s not as resistant top tearing as the original silicone materials used in the manufacture of the Real Doll. However, it’s much more realistic when it comes to the feel of skin-to-skin contact when having sex with the doll. As long as you remember to use lube during your session, your doll should last for years.

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