What material are real dolls made of?

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The new medical food-grade polymer material is suitable, for example, for the production of real dolls.
For example, no oil is produced. The adhesion is not very good. The texture of silicone is harder than TPE, so the doll can stand. The new polymer material is not resistant and tends to produce oil. Some of the models with silicone are very cheap, while the new food grade medical polymer material is more expensive. You can buy one made of the same material and try it out. As you know, some are made of silicone, some are made of TPE, and some are made of the newer medical food grade polymers.








Is silicone or TPE better for real dolls?
There are many different types of love dolls, and the price difference can be very large, from 1 to 2,000 to 3 to 5,000. In addition to the details of the final product, there are also restrictions on the materials used to make the solid silicone rod, which leads to the price differences. The cheaper products sold online are fakes, and the actual workmanship and materials are very different.

All the real dolls are solid and the body is mainly made of platinum silicone or TPE infusion. TPE material is a material with the high elasticity, strength, resilience and injection molding properties of rubber, it is a non-oily material and the raw material of TPE love dolls does not cause skin irritation or other symptoms. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and food safe (FDA). TPE is widely used in the production of adult toys because it is soft and can reach 0 degrees.

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However, the new medical food grade polymer material for real dolls is of higher quality than pure silicone or pure TPE material for real dolls. If you are looking for a real doll agent or individual to buy, please contact 【www.hiasu.com】.DE, love doll product quality first, honesty first and reasonable price. We look forward to receiving calls from new and existing customers.

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