What makes a woman sexy?

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“Sexy” refers to a person’s cultural temperament, physical appearance or dressing or movement that awakens others’ “sensual awareness of attractive beauty”. Sexiness can refer to many aspects, such as body, dress, appearance, hair, speech, expression, and posture.


The first good body: talk about sexy people will undoubtedly think of a good body, of course, has a good body is also the standard of sexy. A pair of long, straight legs, wearing S-shaped body, all parts of the round and even, height and is the gold standard, the weight is just right, it will look twice as sexy.

The second robust body: since it is a good body is certainly a healthy and plump body, with the curve of the front and back, walk with confidence and vigor, will make people thumping.

Third shy: Yes, shy women. Shy women will show gentle language when they are shy, cheeks scarlet and uncomfortable body movements, especially with their heads down in that moment of tenderness, the most impressed, when men will have an urge to protect, so in the hearts of men is also very sexy.

The fourth good skin: good skin is with white, soft and tender, so that it looks rosy, healthy and elastic, but also will give a person a kind of space to think about.

Fifth pampered: the woman’s delicate voice, with a hand fist up a small hammer whacking men, men most resistant, but also the most intoxicating to men.

Sixth serious: in the woman seriously and carefully do things, head down when reading, will exude a kind of intellectual beauty, but also more feminine.

Seventh love: love for themselves, love for their loved ones, love for others, all shining like the sun, not only their colorful, but also gorgeous around the people colorful. Especially maternal love, that is, for the embodiment of gentle and loving, there for the patient side of care.

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