What kind of girls do boys like?

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Girls want to be favored by the boys they have a crush on, so what kind of girls do boys really like?


The first kind: beautiful girls. This natural no need to say, after all, “the love of beauty, everyone has” well! The girl grows more beautiful, how to say is also an intangible capital ah.

The second kind: cute girls. This category of girls in the boys is more popular. Because many boys like the girls are not necessarily the most beautiful, but cute girls are indeed what they love.

The third kind: talented girls. This type of girl’s “rate of appearance” is still relatively high.

The fourth kind: gentle girls. The ancients said that softness like water, good time like a dream. Birdie type belongs to this category.

The fifth kind: kind girl. The girl’s looks as long as not too bad kind, plus a kind heart, her personality must be extraordinary.

The sixth kind: cheerful personality of the sunshine girl. Boys like the girl’s easy-going character and cheerful personality.

The seventh kind: rich connotation of knowledge girl. After all, most boys like to have a rich connotation can face society from the girl.

In fact, no matter what kind of girls boys like, do a good job on their own, they are unique, like their own or will like their own, do not like their own or will not like their own, do not “excessive” change on their own.

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