What is the performance of slag women

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Now it’s not just the boys who have become bad, many girls have also become bad, using their posture to deceive boys to achieve their ulterior motives. So how to identify the scum female?


Scum women will ask for. To pay for their favorite people should be, this can not be faulted, but the scum will only want you to pay for her, to pay for you that she is basically impossible. So one of the biggest characteristics of the scum woman is a single-minded demand.

Pretend to pity, sympathy. Once there is something they want you to help her, or want to get some help or let you buy something, they will play pity, pampering in general, not to achieve the purpose is not to stop, you will start to feel quite cute, but brothers think about their purpose behind these it.

Will not introduce her family or close friends to you, this is actually very understandable, they just use you, too much to let you know their circle of life, will only bring a lot of unnecessary trouble when abandoning you, so in order to minimize the possibility of you pestering her, he will not let you too much involved in her life.

She will be surrounded by a group of friends of the opposite sex, playing the name of male best friends or normal friends, incomparable justice that they have nothing, just ordinary friends, we think for ourselves they pay for what? And why she invites other boys?

Often will inexplicably disappear, you often can not find her, can not contact her. Then congratulations you may be green, modern people who go out without a cell phone, how can not be contacted, the meeting is also just mute, and again, how can be so busy?

If you encounter really is a slag, I hope that all fellow men, when broken, do not indecisive, otherwise you will only fall deeper and deeper, the damage will only be greater and greater. Long pain is better than short pain, the future of happiness will always come. Go!

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