What is the normal time for men to have sex

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A good sex is to do the homework. Before having sex, you should consider the physical strength of both parties, emotions, length of time, place and other factors. Sex is a wonderful journey, it can bring enjoyment to both men and women at the same time can also promote the feelings of both sides. So what is the normal time of intercourse for men? Let’s get to know it seriously.


Couples have sex, from the beginning of the sexual excitement of both sides to the end of ejaculation, under normal circumstances, the duration of about 5-15 minutes, of course, each couple’s physical condition, sexual habits, etc. is not the same, is the same couple, each time the specific circumstances of sex and environmental conditions are not the same, therefore, the duration of each sex life in the end how long is appropriate, it is difficult to set a standard.

According to the relevant information: the duration of sexual intercourse to 3-10 minutes accounted for most; a few people are able to adhere to 15, 20 minutes; 1 hour on both sides is not a good thing. Because too much physical exertion will increase the fatigue of both sides and reduce sexual interest. Sexual intercourse time is too short, less than 2 minutes, often can not lead to the female orgasm, occasionally, it does not matter much. The quality of sex is not the standard of time, even less than 5 minutes is also harmonious and high quality. This is mainly to both men and women together to get physical and psychological satisfaction as the only standard.

So, is it that the longer the intercourse, the more sexual pleasure the woman gets? Of course not so, whether the woman can get sexual satisfaction is not only determined by the time of intercourse, but also by the environment and other factors. And, every time the woman does not necessarily reach orgasm. But as long as both sides have sufficient caressing, hugging, kissing and other preparatory work before intercourse, exchange of feelings, even if the intercourse time is not long, will also make people satisfied.

When sex, do not just pursue to extend the time of intercourse, without good playful, caressing action before intercourse, which does not increase the pleasure of the woman. Both sex organs of men and women in a highly congested state of close contact and activity, if the time is too long, easy to cause a variety of diseases, clinical evidence, sex lasts too long, so that the male prostate overly congested, after intercourse, perineum, spermatic cord, testicular swelling discomfort; the female side is overly congested pelvic, so that the lower abdominal distension, increased leucorrhea, cervical easy erosion, etc., and the next day both sides will be fatigued.

In addition, for the sake of health, the rich and strong, usually the number of sex can be more, while the old and weak, the number should be less, both sexes to have moderation, not in love and frequent sex, frequent sex on the man’s body damage or quite large.

Special tips
The duration of sexual intercourse, individual differences, so the length of sex does not have an exact standard, to both sides feel satisfied until.

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