What is the difference between the silicone sex doll in one piece and the split version?

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Whether the silicone sex doll is a one-piece model or a split model, it is a constant adaptation of the design and craftsmanship of the manufacturer to the needs of the market.















My time with her was so happy and warm that I could not part with her. Whenever she sat on the sofa and looked at me silently, I couldn’t wait to rub her against my body. Silicone sex dolls come in a wide range. According to the material, they can be divided into silicone and TPE, and according to the structure, they can be divided into one-piece models, models with detachable head and multi-piece detachable models.

One-piece models are a new type of structure developed in recent years. Many doll lovers have given feedback to manufacturers that the inset opening in the doll’s neck detracts from the experience and is not realistic enough. As a result, some user-oriented manufacturers have started to produce the one-piece silicone sex doll, but most still focus on the removable head version. For design and production reasons, the cost of one-piece models is relatively high and the selling price is relatively expensive, so it is difficult for them to occupy a large part of the market.

The difference between the two is that the silicone sex doll with the disassembled head is made separately from the body, and is assembled only after all the steps are completed. The main difference is whether the neck of the doll has a visible gap or not. The main difference is whether there is a visible gap in the neck or not. This is the case with the model with disassembled head, where the body and the head are connected by screws and screw holes, while the one-piece model has no visible gap in the neck joint and looks more realistic.

Advantages of the head removal model

1.The head can be changed at will. For the child, the sexdoll torso in the removable head version can be changed at any time. When the head is changed, it is a new experience for the doll, even if the body remains the same.

2.Easy to clean, the head needs to be cleaned more carefully to avoid flooding, the removable version is more convenient.

Advantages of the one-piece model
1.More realistic, there are no gaps on the neck of the doll, it looks like a real person.

2.No damage, because the neck is not hinged, there is no metal wear and it is not easy to damage. It is also less prone to water penetration when cleaning, and the inside will not be damaged by water.

3.There is no difference in skin color because it is cast in one piece and all materials are mixed together. There is no discrepancy between the head and body color.

Whether it is one-piece or split dolls, manufacturers are constantly adapting to the needs of design and craftsmanship and striving to make better products, and hopefully we will see more structured types of dolls in the future.

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