Mini Sex Doll + What is an adult experience center?

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What is an adult experience center?

In 2020, there is a topic that rushed into the hot search——#silicone doll experience hall#real size sexualea dolls#
What new species is this anyway?
When I clicked in, it turned out that more and more places had physical doll shops and started to serve people. They are in relatively hidden corners of the city, waiting for people with “sexual interest” to patronize and “explore”, and the price ranges from 200-1000 yuan.

As a matter of fact, as early as 2018, there was an “Aileen” experience pavilion in Shenzhen. This is a “large-scale” rental-style sex experience pavilion. Since its opening, thousands of customers have come to “relax”. NS. Then, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities also appeared one after another, and many consumers went to experience this freshness one after another.
Soon, a reporter came to visit secretly and found many problems. The first is the hygiene problem: in the room, the purple lights and ‘strange’ sex dolls don’t seem to have high-end taste. Especially in terms of hygiene, there is not only the last consumer’s “residual garbage” in the room, the toilet and sink are also not cleaned, and the silicone sex doll itself is even more dirty and damaged.

The second is the legal question: the reporter asked whether relevant departments would come to check the door, and the store said that it had a formal business license. But when the reporter asked to see the business license, the store said that the business license was in other branches and could only show the photos of the license. The reporter can see from the photo that the registered capital of the experience hall is 100,000 yuan, and its business scope is: adult sex toys sales (excluding drugs, medical devices, and second-class medical device sales), except for items that need to be approved according to law. In addition, with the business license to carry out business activities independently.
Although the store has given a photo of the business license, is it legal for the business to provide such services?

The reporter consulted with relevant lawyers. The lawyer stated that, in accordance with the relevant provisions of my country’s “Public Security Administration Punishment Law” and the “Criminal Law”, the main body of prostitution and whoring is between natural persons with living bodies, and “physical dolls” are objects and do not belong to them. Natural persons in the legal sense, therefore, “sex dolls” provide sexual services, which does not belong to prostitution and whoring.

At the same time, lawyers analyzed that a kind of goods and services should have relevant business licenses and permits to enter the market. However, as a new type of service, there may be unlicensed or out-of-scope operations. In terms of laws and regulations, businesses may be suspected of illegal operations.

Facing the format of the adult experience center, it is necessary to clarify the meaning of “food, sex and sex”#sex doll woman. The two keywords of food and sex have always been the two most basic needs of mankind. The sex industry and the catering industry are equivalent, satisfying the survival problems and physiological needs of human beings. The emergence of the adult experience hall means that people have bid farewell to the era of “talking about sex change”. Behind this, it actually reflects the consumption needs of the Chinese people.

The emergence of adult products is actually a good phenomenon. It not only solves the social problems of the male population’s physiological needs and sexual crimes caused by the imbalance of the male to female ratio, but also solves the problem of sexual loneliness among the population for male masturbator.
However, the health issues and legality of the Adult Experience Center show us that it is not the best way to solve physiological needs.
HANIDOLL does not recommend you to go to this kind of experience hall here. But what if you don’t have a girlfriend to help you solve your needs #masturbators even sexophop?
Of course, I have a sexy doll of my own. HANIDOLL is with you, accepting your desires and enjoying a healthy apricot life.
The doll is made of a new polymer TPE medical material (TPE sex doll), which is environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic and tasteless. The overall look is beautiful, the touch is very close to the softness of human skin, and the tear resistance is high, which can bring comfort and pleasure. The whole body alloy frame, jelly chest, self-lubricating channel, adult silicone doll can be upgraded for free standing, and can also be customized for sound and heating.
When sexual desire cannot be released normally, owning a private physical doll is actually a good exit, which is helpful to social security and stability.

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