What is a long distance relationship, how to maintain a long distance relationship?

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When it comes to long-distance relationships many people feel that ultimately there will not be much result. But feelings such things and can not say. So today I will tell you what is long distance love / long distance love is good? How to maintain a long-distance relationship.


Long-distance love that is long-distance love, is a couple of a long time apart from the two places of life, due to time-consuming and expensive transportation, the couple can not often meet, dating. With the development of the times, more and more people have to be separated from their lovers because of school or work, so the term long-distance relationship came into being. Among the three human feelings, only long distance relationship is the most difficult to maintain, need to have a deep emotional foundation.

The reason for this is to make each other more appreciated. Because distance can produce beauty, so then, in the process of long-distance relationship although difficult, but also let them know each other cherished.

Courage. The first thing you need is courage, a courage to challenge the reality, a courage to take any risk, a courage to face failure openly. To understand that reality is a powerful and invisible force, we can not anticipate what will happen, but can show courage to fight this force, and even show courage to accept the results of failure.

Loyalty. Without the company of a lover it is easy to produce a psychological loneliness, and this loneliness will evoke the inner desire as well as lust. Only absolute loyalty can resist the temptation from the world of flowers. Loyalty is not “silly”, it is the respect for feelings and their own respect; loyalty is not “stupid”, it is a refinement of a noble personality; loyalty is not “dumb”, it is a moral and A responsibility.

Understanding. Understanding is built on the basis of trust, there is no trust to understand, do not because of a busy work or other things winding not timely contact and fury, to know that the reality of the pressure will not let everyone easy life, so try to restrain their emotions, learn to understand each other, and understand each other’s hard work, in the spirit of doing each other’s pillar. In this way, understanding will also become the regulator of the two feelings warming up.

Communication. In addition to the distance brought by time and space, psychological distance can not be ignored, communication is the best way to maintain the relationship and close the distance. Inappropriate communication can make the distance into a barrier, and appropriate communication can make the distance into a power, so communication is both an art, but also a discipline.

The goal. The goal of long-distance love should be to lock the “life and death, and the son into saying, hold the son’s hand, and the son with the old”, and should not be left to their own devices, in fact, the ultimate goal of long-distance love is to create the conditions for two people to live together in the future, because the people who love each other can not live in the beautiful but unreachable two environments, and the lotus is finally to grow in the same The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are in love with each other. No matter what, we should try our best to fight for it.

The most important thing is to be patient. The two people have to endure the loneliness, the coldness of no hugs, the breakfast of only one person, the anxiety of only counting down every day. But know that long-distance love is a race against time, hold on, you win, if defeated by time, you will miss the person for life. So please be sure to hold on in the long distance love marathon, hold on a little more, as long as you can run through, do not need to get a ranking, you win, and will want to grow old with the person holding hands for life.

The long distance love can make people grow, will make people become mature, there will be people hurt, will therefore depressed, will lose confidence in love. Love needs to be managed, distance is not beauty, should be trust, is cherished, is a long flow of water, a lifetime of love.

Companionship is the most touching confession, not sweet words to impress the heart, action is often more sincere than words.
Life is not a fairy tale, ordinary love can be long flowing!

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