What is a foot fetish?

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Foot fetishism refers to a particular fascination with the foot or footwear of the opposite sex. A person who has this hobby is called a “foot fetish” or a “foot fetish.”
Foot fetishism is one of the fetishes known as paraphilia, real size sexualea dolls, and is found mostly in men.

Everyone has a different definition of a foot fetish. Some people think it should be more of a foot fetish than an interest in other parts of their body. I think everyone who likes feet is a foot fetish. #big ass Some can be satisfied only by their own imagination;  Some are satisfied by looking at photos of the opposite sex’s feet.

People with strong foot fetishes sex kids girls get pleasure from peeping at other people’s feet, or forcing them to tread on them, or smelling the soles of the opposite sex’s feet.

Like chest and buttocks, feet also contain sexual innuendo ‍ there are so many body parts, why do feet contain sexual innuendo? real erotic dolls to transform Even in the foot fetish’s “foot chart,” there are no mainstream pornographic symbols.

On the formation of foot love understanding, up to now there is not a unified academic answer.  Looking back at the historical infatuation with beautiful feet, the three-inch golden lotus in Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties became the center of men’s “love”. Today, there may be a gene of boys’ preference for beautiful feet passed down dolls for sex.

In psychology:
Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud believed that people “sexualized” feet because they looked like penises.  Moreover, in many cultures (such as ancient China) the foot is a hidden “private” part, so men can gain psychological pleasure by peeping at a woman’s foot.  So there’s a little bit of sexiness and eroticism about the bare feet.

Neuroscientists believe that neurons responsible for reproduction are located close to those in the feet in sensory areas of the cerebral cortex. Inflatable doll. This makes it possible for people to subconsciously link their feet to their reproductive organs.
The animal sense of smell in humans is thought to be the cause of foot fetishism, sex girls and boys with some experts suggesting that women’s feet emit odors as well as their vaginas.
Therefore, the opposite sex produces sexual stimulation, thus forming foot love.

An experiment by British psychiatrists:
In 1966, British psychiatrist Stanley Rahman asked three male subjects to look at a series of photographs of naked women interlaced with photographs of boots: a color slide of the naked woman was projected on a screen for 15 seconds, vagina pussy real sizes followed by another image of a black, knee-high boot for 30 seconds. As a result, after crossing the nude and boots dozens of times, all three subjects sex girls and boys began to experience sexual arousal and increased blood flow to their sexual organs in response to the boots.

Some of the benefits of having a foot boyfriend: ‍
Foot fetishes are romantic men who are emotionally sensitive and imaginative.  Foot fetishes are more loving and caring than the average man.  Male animals are generally highly aggressive and violent, and so are men.  Foot fetishes, on the other hand, are softer and more sensitive. They know how to hurt. Except for Quentin Tarantillo. Imagine that when you come home from a hard day’s work, and your foot-loving husband leans over to wash your feet, knead them gently, and put on clean stockings, could he use violence against you?  It is really a special interest.

A university of Bologna survey of sexual fetishes found that 33 percent of all sexual fetishes were “body fetishes”, with foot fetishes topping the list at 47 percent.
Fetishism accounted for 30 percent, male masturbator with foot-related items such as shoes, socks and anklet making up 32 percent of the 30 percent, higher than underwear.

It’s a personal thing, so as long as you can work it out and it doesn’t affect other people, that’s fine, but if it does affect other people, that’s not good.

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