What does the male science common sense that the girl should know have?

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“Sex” is closely related to “happiness” sex doll porn. What should a girl know about her partner?

1. Why morning sickness?

Not only did the sun rise every day, but his little tent too.
Morning is because the male hormone testosterone realistic in the blood concentration more in the morning to peak, thus triggering penile erection.

The other reason is that Dick woke up after being urinated.

Morning morning sex doll amazon is only a reference index of male sexual ability and health, and is not an absolute standard.

2. How precious is a tadpole?

For example, one egg could be filled with as many female eggs as there are people in the world today, and one capsule mini sex doll could be filled with as many rice seeds as there are people in the world today.

3. How quickly do men get skinny?

When a man ejaculates, his first jet can reach 45 kilometers per hour, faster than the current world record for the 100-meter dash sex robot.

4. Why is “big” less important than “living well”?

Big live good who all want, but big can not guarantee live well, compared with the size and length, hardness is the key to the quality of sex. In fact, size is good enough, and skills can be improved through practice. After all, sex doll inventor size is only for children, and older drivers are more skilled.

5. Dick will break a bone, and you will probably have a sore egg!

The study found that the most likely position for Dick to break a bone was the female upper position, followed by the pusher position, followed by the missionary position.

Therefore, sex can not be rushed, sex doll video can not be too hard.

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