What does it mean when a boy touches a girl’s head

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In idol dramas or general fiction, there are often scenes of boys touching girls’ heads, so what does it mean for a boy to touch a girl’s head?


The boy touched the girl’s head, or depends on the relationship between the two sides, the situation at the time. In order to determine what emotions the other party is trying to express.

If it is a brother-sister relationship, it is an expression of comfort. When the sister is aggrieved, as the brother will use the way to touch the head to stabilize the sister.

If it is a male best friend good “buddy”. It is an expression of doting.

If you are a friend in the adolescent stage. The first is to express a kind of love, for the hazy period of friends may not express themselves, then will be stroking each other’s head to express such an emotion. Or young men and women, is to express and each other closer, want to be able to have a more intimate relationship.

If it is a couple, it is to express their love for their female partner, which is the most common kind of intimate behavior between couples, is also the most direct way to express love.

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